October 31, With Hubi



Hubie Halloween by Steve Brill is ranked the #2 movies in the U.S. on Netflix.  October 31, in Massachusetts, Hubi finds himself in a real Halloween town.  Hubie, played by Adam Sandler, is new to the small town.  He is an innocent man who just wants to make peace with the people and have everyone get along and save the world.  Everyone takes Halloween very seriously in this little town and Hubie has to deal with all the mean pranks and teases.  He never lets the playfulness and rudeness of the townspeople get to his positive and caring attitude.  Hubie finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery that he was not expecting would be an event.  Some of the townspeople accuse Hubie of the murder because he seems to be around the people that end up going missing right after being with him.  At the end of the movie, everyone in the town realizes what they have put Hubi through.  They admire his positivity, maturness, and the willingness to forgive everyone no matter what they have done.  Halloween for the small town starts out with harshness and hard friendships, but ends with Hubie getting the girl of his dreams, and making wonderful new friendships, as well as peace through the town and a wonderful end to the holiday.


         The intenseness and humor is this movie can really reel in all those people that enjoy watching some fun/spine-chilling movies.  Myself, a huge fan of Halloween and anything to do with this holiday, would forsure suggest everyone to watch this.  Adam Sandler is a great actor and can really play any emotion in a movie and get people hooked good on his movies.  This movie is definitely a 5 star rating if you love spooky Halloween movies.