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No Hard Feelings

The Revival of Comedic Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies, for the past decade, have lulled in appeal, with less and less comedic value and predictable plots a plenty the once booming genre has become an afterthought. With Gene Sputsinksy’s “No Hard Feelings” he single-handedly saves rom-coms with a supernova of comedy and cringe featuring a brilliant cast of perfectly picked actors.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Maddie the 30-something protagonist of our story who responds to an unlikely Craigslist ad, offering up a car in exchange for a woman willing to fake date a couple’s sheltered son. Andrew Barth Feldman plays Percy, Lawrence’s counterpart, the awkward nineteen-year-old about to fly from his very sheltered nest into the big, scary world. The relationship between the two seems destined to be uncomfortable and unnatural but somehow the budding romance comes to fruition in a mostly organic way that surprisingly convinces you to root for them. 

Their conflicting personalities, with Maddie’s heartbreaker history and her indifferent disposition, and Percy’s lack of experience and grit, make them an unlikely pairing but it seems in their case opposites really do attract. Their age gap makes their chemistry seem out of place but it is clear to the audience that Maddie’s intentions are purely innocent, minus her ulterior motives of getting a car. 

The biggest attraction of this movie, in my opinion, besides the unique and comical plot is the musical number performed by Andrew Barth Feldman. His showstopping rendition of Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” on the piano takes the audience by surprise. No one expected his impromptu performance to outshine the original song itself. It also serves as a subtle hint as to what Percy truly thinks of Maddie. Musical numbers in non-musical movies can sometimes disappoint but Feldman’s piano and vocal abilities make this a perfect addition to the movie. 

Most romcoms seem to have a predictable cookie-cutter plotline that leaves watchers bored and expectant. “No Hard Feelings” reinvents the culture of romantic comedies, or at least takes them back to what they used to be. With hilarious dialogue, shocking stunts and fight scenes, and a cast full of icons this movie was destined to be great before it even started being filmed. There wasn’t a dull or predictable moment, the whole movie the audience is left wondering what will happen next. 

Overall the slightly raunchy, wholly funny new comedy is one that will be enjoyed over and over again, it’s simply too good for just one watch. I hope it sparks a surge in new movies similar in heart and hilarity. But even if it doesn’t, there will be no hard feelings ;). 

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  • M

    Merrigan MillerMay 13, 2024 at 9:03 am

    wow so good! you’re such a talented writer, I think I’m gonna go watch this!!