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October 31, With Hubi

October 31, With Hubi
October 22, 2020

  Hubie Halloween by Steve Brill is ranked the #2 movies in the U.S. on Netflix.  October 31, in Massachusetts, Hubi finds himself in a real Halloween town.  Hubie, played by Adam Sandler, is...

My Halloween Movie Picks

My Halloween Movie Picks
October 15, 2020

I’ve always gotten scared easily, avoiding horror classics like The Shining or popular series such as American Horror Story. Growing up, I’d always look forward to October, knowing that my birthday...

I Watched the bad Netflix Originals so you don’t have to

May 14, 2020

Netflix has had some major production hits in the past few years. Movies such as To The Bone, Set it Up, and Bird Box, all recieved decent ratings and a large audience. Netflix was even able to enter the...

Hallmark Movies: It’s a Love Hate Thing

Hallmark Movies: It's a Love Hate Thing
December 20, 2019

Hallmark movies one either loves or hates. Many people believe they are terrible movies and a waste of time to watch. While others spend all their free time rewatching the same movies every year.  This...

Snow, White Savior Complex

Snow, White Savior Complex
December 10, 2019

Most people have been applauding the sequel to Disney’s blockbuster Frozen, but in many ways, it is far more dangerous than it appears. The not-so-subtle underpinning of the film is that the Kingdom...

Into the unknown

Into the unknown
A brief review of Frozen 2
December 2, 2019

After six long years of waiting, kids and grown-ups alike gathered to view Frozen 2. This film once again featured the voices of Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, and Josh Gad as Olaf. Disney...

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