Is Love Truly Blind?


The wedding episode of season two of the Netflix series “Love is Blind” aired on Friday, and let me just say, I called most of these endings. Episode One began with 14 guys and 14 girls ready to find love, but there was a catch: they would never see each others’ faces until they accepted a proposal. Only six couples got engaged: Deepti and Shake, Danielle and Nick, Iyanna and Jarette, Natalie and Shayne, Shaina and Kyle, and Mallory and Salvador. In this article, I will only be talking about the most controversial couples following the finale.

Deepti and Shake both surprised each other with their connection. In the first few episodes, Shake did not really take the experiment how it was supposed to be by asking the girls what they looked like, when the whole purpose of the experiment was to build a connection sans physical attraction. As they continued to talk, both of them decided that their connection was worth exploring outside of the pods and Deepti accepted Shake’s proposal. Unfortunately in the end their emotional connection was not enough because Shake never became physically attracted to Deepti, but he still wanted them to get married. Deepti shocked me by being the one to turn Shake down at the altar, but I am happy that she put herself first and didn’t settle for a relationship with someone that didn’t feel the same way about her.

The one plot twist I did not expect halfway through the season was the troubles that Danielle and Nick would go through. As the first couple to propose in the pods, I expected them to have smooth sailing into their lives together, but Danielle’s anxiety and Nick’s obsession with his parents divorce caused a bumpy ride for the couple. Ultimately, I think the relationship won’t last in the real world, but I am glad that Danielle and Nick did end up tying the knot. Danielle and Nick both have a lot to still work through, but with each others’ love on their side, there is still hope that they will get their happily ever after.

Moving on to Shane and Natalie. From the moment Shane opened his mouth, I knew that he would be trouble this season. In the pods he developed close relationships with both Natalie, his fiance, and another girl who ended up engaged, Shaina. After a conversation where Shane mistakenly talks with Natalie as though she is Shaina, their relationship falters. At that moment, I felt that there was no going back for their relationship, but the next day Shane proposed to Natalie. And she said yes. Throughout the rest of the season I felt that Natalie deserved better than Shane. In the end she did say no at the altar and I am glad that she will not settle for a relationship where she doesn’t feel safe and secure.

Was this season messy? Yes. Did I like all of the couples? Definitely Not. Will I watch it next season? Absolutely.