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Quittin Time is on our Minds

The Quittin Time TourZach Bryan’s The Quittin Time Tour rolled itself right into Omaha were it was met with astounding excitement and praise

Macallister Deegan, Reporter:

When Zach Bryan’s The Quittin Time Tour was announced to be making a stop in Omaha, I was totally overjoyed. He has been my favorite artist on all accords for a couple years now, so getting tickets was an absolute must. When I actually got tickets, it was like a dream come true. I entered the CHI Health Center on April 30th smooth of hair and clothes, but I left vocal cords straining, frizzy haired, but with a night full of the best memories in my concert t-shirt. 

To begin, the openers preceding the man himself were an Australian indie folk band The Middle East and Levi Turner, a Folk Rock singer. In my most humble opinion, they really did not have a lasting impact on my concert experience. The lyrics were really hard to hear and understand, despite only being a couple rows up from the floor. However, I was also only there for the main event: Zach Bryan, therefore my lack of interest in the openers was expected. It did however provide a great time to get the perfect instagram pictures and, of course, the merch. There were several merch stands set up around CHI, so lines did not get too ridiculously long. Plus, when I was handed that T-shirt after waiting about 20 minutes and dropping $40.00, I knew without a doubt that it was worth my time and money. 

I truly don’t know where to begin with his performance. It was just absolutely phenomenal. From the first guitar strum of Overtime, to the last outro of Revival, I did not stop screaming. It was an amazing experience to have my favorite artist play almost all of my favorite songs just a couple yards in front of me.  I literally could not contain my excitement during Deep Statin, Oklahoma Smokeshow, Tourniquet, and Burn, Burn, Burn. All the lyrics were screamed, not sung, and I don’t think the smile left my face for the entire two hours.

Now, I can definitely say my high opinions on Zach Bryan are not just my own, but shared throughout the Elkhorn South Student population. No matter who I talked to, all they had was love for Zach Bryan and his outstanding performances. 

“I had a great time with my friends watching one of our favorite artists. I loved Zach Bryan’s engagement with the crowd, however I yearned to hear him sing Something in the Orange which was something missed by day two attendees” Sophomore Ellen Bode said. 

“I thought it was really fun and the whole stadium was totally packed. Because of this, usually his sounds take on a sad tone when you are just listening to them alone, but at the concert it was super lively with the entire crowd singing,” Senior Nicole Shulz said. 

“Zach Bryan actually looked like he enjoyed what he was doing through interacting with the audience and putting on a really fun show,” Senior Emilia Harwart said. 

“What I really liked was the production, so basically all of the lights with the changing colors. I also liked how engaged he was with the crowd. However, I really wish he would have played Boys of Faith and brought out Bon Iver, but it was a great performance” Sophomore Lauren Schneider said.

Zach Bryan, Omaha was extremely happy to see you and would welcome you back in a heartbeat. 


Ava Hamilton, Reporter: 

OutfitsOne of the most stressful, yet fun parts of attending any concert is outfit selection. Amongst the thousands of people that attended the Zach Bryan concerts in Omaha, there was a wide variety of style and type of clothing. It seemed that a majority of outfits consisted of at least one article of jean fabric. For example, people wore jean shorts, pants, skirts, or dresses. Additionally, wearing dresses was a common pick amongst the girls that attended, with several different styles and colors included. Some lively accessories to outfits were belts, boots, jewelry, and hats. All of these additions helped fit the theme of the country music. Outfits complete the look and overall feel of a concert; they help to express excitement and emotion.


InstagramEven though Zach Bryan only performed twice while he was in Omaha, his presence through social media didn’t go unnoticed. He himself had contributed two instagram posts during his time in Omaha, along with his many fans. A lot of the people who attended either or both of his concerts had posted afterward on Instagram. Everyone’s feed overflowed with posts from their peers who had the benefit of getting to see Zach Bryan perform. These posts are an effective way to show others your outfit, experience, and enjoyment. Being dressed up and looking cute is always an excuse to post, but it is even more influential for big events, such as the Zach Bryan concert.

Personal Opinions: LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have attended several concerts, but this concert was by far my favorite. Zach Bryan is an artist that I have been familiar with for quite some time. In fact, there are a few songs of his that I consider my all-time favorite songs. It’s hard for me to pick “most-loved songs”, but if I was forced to decide, I would choose Oklahoma Smokeshow, Hey Driver, Tourniquet, and Dawns. Although, I could listen and sing all of Zach Bryan’s songs forever. After getting tickets, I eagerly awaited the night of my concert. When the night finally came, I had a total blast! The greatest take-away from my concert experience was the many unforgettable memories I made with my friends. One memory that will stay with me forever, is when me and my friend, Callie Deegan, held hands and screamed out the lyrics to one of our favorite songs by Zach Bryan. He ended this already iconic concert by singing Revival for several minutes, and showcasing all his band members. Waiting in the never-ending line for merch, spending more than enough money, and walking out with painful feet was more than worth the enjoyment of this concert. Going into the concert I was extremely excited, and I can proudly say I left with complete satisfaction. Sadly, I now have post-concert blues, longing for the night to repeat over and over again. I would 100% recommend investing in a Zach Bryan concert ticket, it is even better than you could imagine!


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Macallister Deegan, Reporter
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Ava Hamilton, Reporter
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