Coachella Outfits 2022: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Coachella Outfits 2022: The good, the bad, and the ugly

It’s always hard to guess how celebrities are going to show up for Coachella. Some outfits win my heart and others are absolutely appalling. This year, more people went for a comfier vibe, but of course, there were still some extravagant fashion choices. Here are some of my favorite (and least favorite) outfits from the event. Enjoy!

Charli D’amelio

When I first saw D’amelio’s black, mesh dress, I wasn’t a huge fan. After taking a second look at the outfit, I am a little bit more in love. I’m here for the monochrome moment. Definitely gives me goth vibes and the Prada purse is just to die for. 6/10

Emma Chamberlain

I LOVE everything about this outfit. The monochrome red, the accessories, the BOOTS. The sunglasses are by far my favorite though. Sunglasses have always had their place in the fashion world, but I have to say I am here for the sporty sunglasses with a glamorous look clash. 100/10

Ellie Thumann

Yes, just yes. The skirt, the jeweled top, the necklaces, everything about this was screaming Coachella. Unfortunately, her gorgeous top broke forcing her to have to come up with a backup plan. While not quite as breath-taking, her t-shirt was still stunning, encompassing all the comfy vibes. 8/10

Vanessa Hudgens

Now, this was definitely one of my favorite outfits. I’m usually not one to love see-through cover-ups, but I want this sequence one in my closet ASAP. The added cowboy hat also set this look over the top. 11/10

Madeleine White

This look had me hooked from the second I saw it. The multicolored top was perfectly paired with a yellow handbag and open-chain bra. It was simply stunning and I enjoyed everything about it. 10/10

James Charles

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I understand the idea, don’t get me wrong, the outfit could’ve been amazing, but it missed the mark. I’ve seen amazing thermal bodysuits before, but this one did not do Charles any justice. It’s for sure a step up from the chaps he wore in 2019, but if I’m being honest I despised both. 1/10 (solely for the potential)