Euphoria Finale Breakdown


Season two of the HBO Max hit show, Euphoria, has brought jaw dropping twists and turns in nearly every episode. This season proved to be far different from season one as there were countless shock factors added to never let the audience catch their breath. Twitter and TikTok fans alike took to the internet to share all of their opinions, predictions, and even conspiracy theories regarding the finale of season two that aired on February 27. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint, so this recap has quite a bit to unpack. WARNING: spoilers ahead! 

The finale opens right where we left off with Fezco and Ashtray. A series of events unravels in which Custer begins to talk about how the police are after the murderers of Mouse. Faye proves to be loyal (a twist none of us saw coming) and purposefully shatters a glass to shush Fez from talking any further to Custer, since she knows he’s working with the police. Out of nowhere, Ash takes matters into his own hands and kills Custer himself. Fez begs to take all of the blame for him, but in a gut wrenching scene, Ash locks himself in the bathroom with all of the firearms. The police crash into their house and Ash immediately open fires through the bathroom door at them. Little does he know, Fez is standing directly outside of the door and gets hit straight in the stomach with one of Ashtray’s bullets. He falls to the ground sobbing for the police to stop shooting. Ash ends up killing one of the police, and in an off-camera scene, Ashtray is shot by another police in revenge. This scene was heartbreaking to endure, not only for me but for fans too. Twitter was buzzing with dislike for the writers as they killed off a crucial part of the show and wounded a loved character. 

The plot of the finale lightens up though in the long-awaited ending of Lexi’s play. Cassie dramatically marches herself directly onstage and shouts at Lexi about how horrible she is (ironically). Maddy then takes this as her cue and runs up to chase Cassie, screaming about how awful of a friend she was. She runs after her all through the hallways with the encouragement of her friends, and eventually Cassie even slams into a wall. The crowd in the play (and us viewers at home) were hysterical with laughter and it was definitely an iconic moment in Euphoria history. 

The finale also wraps up Cal and Nate. Nate creepily comes into his dad’s business with a loaded gun keeping everyone in awe with anticipation. After they talk things through, a police siren wails outside and it is revealed that Nate turned his dad into the cops. This was one of my favorite parts as I was thrilled to see Cal get what he deserved. 

We also get to see Rue make a heartwarming reconciliation with Eliot as they both forgive each other for all that’s happened and continue to be friends even if it’s not the best combo. Then Eliot sings his infamous song, which Twitter fans thought took up far too much screen time, and I’ve got to say, I agree 100%. 

Lexi’s play continues on and contains more flashbacks to Rue’s dad’s funeral. We get to see a really beautiful scene that happens in the future between Rue and Lexi as they relate on a deep level of both losing a father. Rue also thanks Lexi for showing her a special side of herself in the play where she’s not the villain. This was my favorite scene and made me shed a tear or two. It was such a special end to the play and I was so appreciative of a scene that showed a more normal side to Rue. 

Finally, Jules apologizes to Rue, and is left with a kiss on the head from Rue herself. She walks out of the theater and narrates that she stayed clean all of her senior year in yet another beautiful moment of the finale. 

Though I thought this crazy finale contained so much for one episode, there are still a multitude of loose ends to tie up hopefully coming in season three. For example, Rue still owes Laurie an insane amount of money, and I have a feeling she’ll be looking for it soon. Also, the cameras hidden around Samantha’s house make me feel very uneasy. In all, I loved this season of Euphoria and especially this insane finale and cannot wait to see what season three has in store!