I Hope It’s Never Over


The long-awaited Wallows album Tell Me It’s Over recently came out on March 25, 2022. For me, the 10 song album, has already been on constant repeat. It’s obvious the album is more of a break-up album and I can positively say that Wallows is trying something new. Their usual upbeat, indie-pop songs are still around, however, the album has a stronger sense of maturity, indicating a shift in the direction the trio wants to go in. Nevertheless, almost every song was added to my favorites on Spotify and will probably stay there forever. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, you need to stop reading this and listen right now. Seriously go, you’re missing out on an amazing sensory experience. 


Below are my opinions and ratings on each song from the album. Hope you enjoy!!


“Hard to Believe”

When I first listened to this song I was not a fan. However, after listening again this song became a personal favorite. Even though it only lasts about three and a half minutes, a glimmer of each song from the entire album can be heard within just this one, making it stand out in the most positive way.  9/10

“I Don’t Want to Talk”

Okay now, this song is classic Wallows. Upbeat drums, harmonica chords, catchy lyrics, that make you want to get up and dance. And don’t forget the mini “breakdown” part before the final chorus. Definitely a song that reminds me of being outside surrounded by the warm sun with a huge smile spread across my face. 10/10

“Especially You”

Again, a classic Wallows song in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Another summer song for sure, with the most addicting lyrics. 10/10

“At the End of the Day”

When this song began, I felt like I was waiting in line to ride Space Mountain. The beats have a very “out-of-this-world” feel to them and I can’t describe how much I adored them. It’s more of a laid-back song about feeling invested in a relationship but not having the same intentions reciprocated. I can’t say I can personally relate to this song, but I still love it. 9/10


As much as I hate to say it, this song wasn’t my favorite. It was the only one I just couldn’t add to my favorites list. Don’t get me wrong it’s great. Super peppy, exactly what you would expect from Wallows, just not for me. I’ll let you listen and decide for yourself. 5/10

Permanent Price

This song is amazing, perfectly perfect. It’s a little out of the ordinary for Wallows to do a slower, not quite dark, but more melancholy song. I love it so incredibly much and once the drums come in it’s beautiful. 10/10

Missing Out

Another remarkable song… I’m running out of words to describe them. Not as cheerful as usual yet just as amazing. There’s more of an emphasis on the guitar in this song giving it more of a pop-rock feel to it. 10/10

Hurts Me

If I had to pick a favorite from the album it’d be this one. As soon as the opening starts, I feel like I’m transported far far away from Omaha, Nebraska. It has that bright, uplifting vibe to it and will definitely be blasted several times in my car this summer. The lyrics are impossible to forget and don’t even try to resist singing along because you won’t be able to. Trust me. 11/10

That’s What I Get

I don’t want to sound too repetitive, but seriously you guys this song is so calming. Sure the drums, guitar, and fun beats are all still there, but the lyrics and the way that Dylan Minette sings them are ironically music to my ears. 11/10

Guitar Romantic Search Adventure

I LOVE THIS SONG. SO MUCH. This song is utter perfection. I know I’ve said that so many times already, but this time I mean it. The four-minute song seems to last a lifetime and has been my most played song of the album. The sense of build throughout the song creates an amazing feeling while listening. The beginning starts with soft repeated piano notes, but eventually, the distinctive drums return creating the finest moment for listeners. I would give anything to see this live. 


On that same note, Wallows performs in Lincoln on July 1, 2022, at the Bourbon Theatre. If you’re a Wallows fan, or a soon-to-be Wallows fan, see if you can go!! Tickets have already gone on sale, but I can assure you if the concert is as amazing as my experience listening to the album was, you don’t want to miss this.