Storm Alert

The Crowd Goes Silent

November 17, 2020

On Wednesday, November 30, Pete Rickets announced that only immediate family is allowed to attend extracurricular activities.  At the start of the school year all students were a little iffy if we were...

7 Deadly Sprints

7 Deadly Sprints
November 13, 2020

Getting into shape is difficult. However, getting whipped into shape for a specific sport is terrifying. As fall sports wrap up, winter sports are just beginning. A start to many seasons requires the dreaded...

A Golden Game for a Golden Girl

A Golden Game for a Golden Girl
October 22, 2020

On this crisp september night, excitement was murmuring through the stands. The Friday night lights are finally back in session as the student section seniors finally returned to the stands.  The september...

Return of the Cell

Return of the Cell
September 28, 2020

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 the Storm volleyball team took on Westside in a match that ended 3-0. The game was not too much out of the ordinary, as the varsity team took the win with a clean, fast sweep....

Football in a time of Quarantine

April 21, 2020

Football is a national obsession in America and for obvious reasons. People love the stadium atmosphere, taking pride in being apart of a fanbase, and the American values that are expressed through this...

Serious about Swimming

March 17, 2020

Swimming’s not hard. All you do is swim. There’s no takedowns, physical contact or brawls.  Many people don’t see just how hard swimming actually is. 60 laps in a pool and all you have to prove...

The World is Watching

The World is Watching
Mia Mellican Performs in Poland
March 1, 2020

It was time. Months of training for hours everyday has led up to this exact moment. Surrounded by her team, the world watches as Mia Mellican steps up to perform. Sophomore, Mia Mellican is not only an...

Dancing into our hearts

Dancing into our hearts
February 28, 2020

Friday night lights, walking through the castle, and crazy bonding nights. A few of the unforgettable events that go on in a High School dance team members life. Every girl has their favorite memories...

We’ve got ears, say cheers!

We've got ears, say cheers!
February 27, 2020

Elkhorn South’s Cheer Team just got a uniform update including two sequined ears and a sparkling bow. Mickey ears were vital attire for the navy and gold. The road to Disney is a right of passage most...

Number 68

Number 68
October 31, 2019

Junior Teddy Prochazka is a four star, offensive tackle that just about everyone has heard a few things about. Its hard to miss him in the hallway standing at 6 foot 8 inches “I always knew I was...

More than a medal

the behind-the-scenes of South's Unified Cheer team's victory
March 1, 2019

24 girls sat in a large circle. Feet stretched out before them, holding hands, they hoped it had been enough. Enough for a victory at the Nebraska State Cheer Championship.   “And first place...

Ice Isn’t All Bad

February 22, 2019

Traditional fishing is generally regarded as a solitary sport, but nothing compares to the isolation on the ice. Standing out in the middle of the lake overlooking the endless amount of open ice in all...

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