Storm takes the Warriors….literally


On Tuesday, April 6th both JV and Varsity girl’s tennis went head to head against the Westside Warriors. 

After a mind numbing morning of ACT’s for the freshman, sophomore, and junior class, they managed to pull whatever strength they had left to beat the warriors in a 6-3 (Varsity) and 10-0 (JV) defeat. 

With a humid overcast and the remnants of a rainstorm from earlier in the day, the tennis players fought long and hard against the 20 mile per hour winds, going 9-7 in most matches.

Varsity player Ellie Adamson said, “I’m disappointed that I lost, but it was a great match; I learned a lot and I’m proud of my teammates for helping us win overall. Westside was fierce competition, and I enjoyed the high stakes in each game.”

Moving forward into the season, both girls’ Varsity and JV are undefeated with a 5-0 winning streak. JV has a short break before their next duel on April 12th, while Varsity is attending the Westside invite at Koch on April 9th, at 10 a.m.