The Crowd Goes Silent

On Wednesday, November 30, Pete Rickets announced that only immediate family is allowed to attend extracurricular activities.  At the start of the school year all students were a little iffy if we were going to be able to attend football games.  Since football is the sport that most students attend, it became a very hot topic of conversation.  Thankfully, senior students got the approval to go and support the team for the last year of Highschool.  Since then, COVID has increased and is now becoming a bigger issue for school and everyone in it.  For some of the students who play sports, having no friends or no big audience can affect them and decrease the energy given off in the room, but for others they could care less.  As Fall sports are closing up, Winter sports are just beginning.  Anja Ziegler, a senior on the swim team says, “It is ineffective to me personally.  I don’t really notice people in the stands so it doesn’t affect my performance.”.  She has been swimming for the past 12 years and has never really been a person to rely on the crowd for her energy during swim meets.  Of course having a big audience is wonderful and exciting, it is now just up to family to be crazy and make it seem like a huge audience.