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A Trip to Paradise

Sophie St. Amour, Reporter

October 20, 2020

With cold weather blowing  in, it’s hard to remember the days of pure sunshine. It’s the warm sand in between my toes, the playing of tropical music everywhere I go, and the blazing sun that all create an easygoing atmosphere of paradise. I mean come on, who doesn’t miss that summer feeling. &n...

Falling for Good Eats

Falling for Good Eats

Ellie Adamson, Reporter

October 5, 2020

Every year when the leaves start to change color, and sweaters start to be spotted in the hallways, I get excited for Trader Joes’ fall foods to make their debut. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trader Joe’s all year round, but the store during the fall season has a special place in my heart. This year I ...

A Banana Bread Recipe Just In Time For Autumn

A Banana Bread Recipe Just In Time For Autumn

Addy Fowler, Reporter

September 28, 2020

The banana bread renaissance of the Coronavirus pandemic has comforted anxieties as well as encouraged more time to be spent baking. During chaotic times, people have been searching for ways to keep themselves busy. Some have turned to personal projects and video games, others finding peace and comfor...

Spice up your Life

Spice up your Life

Mila Skrivan, Content Editor-In-Chief

April 24, 2020

COVID-19 has brought life back into my kitchen. A majority of our meals have been at home and it’s so easy to stick to the same four meals. The staple meals in my house include: pasta, pizza, chicken, and sandwiches. All highly boring meals so my mom and I have made it a mission to spice up our li...

Zio’s offers great taste, but be prepared to pay

Nathan Blusys, Junior Reporter

February 26, 2019

Zio’s pizza is an Omaha classic where they make some delicious New York style pizza and some piping hot and gooey calzones. When I stepped inside the new Zio’s pizza just off of 180th and center I was struck by the smell of some delicious Italian food so I began wondering if the new restaurant...

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