Zio’s offers great taste, but be prepared to pay

Nathan Blusys, Reporter

Zio’s pizza is an Omaha classic where they make some delicious New York style pizza and some piping hot and gooey calzones.

When I stepped inside the new Zio’s pizza just off of 180th and center I was struck by the smell of some delicious Italian food so I began wondering if the new restaurant was going to live up to the hype of this classic Omaha pizzeria. As I ordered, I realized how inexpensive it is to eat by yourself. At only $4 per slice, even for a specialty piece, even struggling students can enjoy the Italian treat. Plus, two pieces is plenty to hit the spot. Though, when I looked at the prices of full pizzas, I was blown away by how expensive they seemed.

I ordered two pieces of their New York Deluxe and it was nothing short of delicious. It had crispy melt in your mouth crust and it was a to die for piece of pizza.

The pizza was perfectly crafted. But one of the thing I will warn you about is try not to order their whole pizzas, as they are very expensive (relative to the individual slices)unless you are going with more than 3 people and you split the bill, there really is no reason to order a whole pizza.

As far as the ambiance of the restaurant it is a casual pizzeria where you can order takeout or dine in their moderately lit and average interior. I would say the pizza is spot on but the dining room is nothing more than average so takeout is the optimal way to eat at the new Zio’s.

Overall, I believe that the Pizza is much better than a Pizza Hut or Little Caesars, but you also comprise price because with Little Caesars one pizza can be bought for one slice of pizza at Zio’s. Zio’s is still making a case if you call in a order there is a drive thru where you can pick up your pizza and that certainly can make any price difference worth it depending on your time crunch.

Based off of taste, price, and atmosphere, I would rate Zio’s 7/10. This is because they pack a punch with their delicious pizza. However, the price and the interior of the restaurant is something that could be fixed. I do suggest that you try it out if you have some money to spend and want to try out some delicious New York style pizza.