Spice up your Life


COVID-19 has brought life back into my kitchen. A majority of our meals have been at home and it’s so easy to stick to the same four meals. The staple meals in my house include: pasta, pizza, chicken, and sandwiches. All highly boring meals so my mom and I have made it a mission to spice up our lives. 

But the big question is, what do we make? My mom and I went back and forth on our list of meals. I love trying new things that don’t even sound good because who knows, maybe it’ll be my new favorite food. While my mom wanted to cook things she grew up eating. Which isn’t that bad of an idea, considering a large majority of the food my mom grew up eating consisted of traditional Honduran meals. My mom got the best food, all thanks to my grandfather from Roatán, a small island off of Honduras. He would make my mom all the food from his childhood so now it was my moms turn to make them for us. 

To start off our cooking journey with a bang, we decided to make a classic Honduran breakfast. Which consists of fried plantains, refried beans, avocados and fresh fruit. Now this is something I can get under. Fried plantains and refried beans are my two favorite things. 

The one downside to making this meal is that plantains take forever to get ripe. And by forever I mean two to three weeks. So be prepared this meal is not your everyday recipe. Unless you keep plantains on hand at all times. Which if you’re from Nebraska like me, I’d assume you don’t. The secret to making this meal a million times better is homemade refried beans. Keyword being homemade. Canned beans have got nothing on our beans. Making refried beans isn’t too difficult either. All you have to do is soak some beans overnight. Then the next day you just throw it in a pot, mix in some other ingredients and bam, you’re done. 

To date this has been my favorite quarantine activity and hands down my new favorite meal. So if you’re a parent out there I highly recommend making your kids a meal from your childhood. It really does spice up your life.