Coronavirus patients to Ashland: What it means to us as highschoolers


As Nebraska prepares to house about 70, so many speculations are coming around the controversy of hosting these patients. At first hearing, many people are worried and scared for contamination to spread, however, the whole situation is fairly a mystery to the average person. 

According to NET Nebraska, the patients landed Thursday morning at Eppley airfield. In fact, in order to be able to board the plane, the people must not have been showing any symptoms of the virus. This quarantine taking place in Ashland, Nebraska is strictly for contaminated people, not infected quite yet.  

The National Guard’s Camp Training site is more than equipped to handle this type of quarantine. There is a separate sewer system, separate water supply, and basically separate everything. The patients will stay in “modest hotel rooms” and be monitored all day with twice a day temperature and respiratory checks. 

The second a patient shows symptoms is where the game changes. At that point, that said person will be transferred to UNMC and immediately taken care of. With one of the most prestigious hospitals nationwide, UNMC can definitely take on this deadly disease. 

All in all, there is really nothing to be worried about. Just because there are patients in our state, does not mean we will be contaminated or infected. As long as the facts are straight and up to date, there is nothing to fear.