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Swoosh to Splash: How Switching Up Sports Led to Huge Success

Swoosh to Splash: How Switching Up Sports Led to Huge Success

Emma Morris, Journalism Student

May 14, 2020

Bounce, bounce, bounce. The ever-constant pattern of a basketball bouncing was all too familiar to Emily Sutter.  It was going to be Sutter’s 11th basketball season. However, something was different this time. Just days into practice, Emily playing basketball freshman year. Emily competing at state...

New is best

New is best

Sarah Shatel, Senior Web Editor

September 12, 2019

  It's finally my turn. Senior year is where the opportunity I ́ve been waiting for as long as I joined the now magazine. The editor position called my name the first day I walked into Mrs. Sinclair ́s room. With our new advisor, Mrs. Miller, I am now more excited than ever to have a leadership ...

More than just a horse girl

Getting acquainted: Peterson pats her filly on the nose. These two have formed a spunky bond as they work together. (Photo Courtesy of Sharon Dixon)

Ally Schilmoeller, Senior Design Editor

November 1, 2018

The sharp patter of hooves on dirt cause the dust to rise in a swirling vortex off of the dirt track. All four legs propel the 1200 pound horse off the ground and towards the finish line. The announcer’s voice rises to a crescendo as the glossy brown animal flies across the line. This is Ame...

In it for the long run: Cross-country runners share the trials and triumphs of the sport

In this together: Varsity girls’ cross country huddles up before a run.  The team supports each other on and off the course, as they help motivate each other.

Kate Aksyonov, Senior Content Editor

November 1, 2018

The key to success is the right pair of socks: the answer of any cross country runner. Before meets, Junior Ally Schilmoeller meticulously ensures that she holds her hair back in two braids, she sports her blue and pink Balega running socks, and she dines on her staple pre-race meal: chicken and pasta....

How #BeKind is taking over

Ashley Wyzinski, reporter

October 9, 2018

After Dr. Mark Adler the superintendent of Ralston Schools lost his son to suicide, he wanted to do something positive out of such terrible pain and loss. He created a program that focused more on the positive rather than the negative, in hope that the positivity would stop bullying and create a better ...

Raising the bar

Maxed Out: Senior Subhranshu Banerjee deadlifts 495 pounds. On average, Banerjee lifts five times a week.

Jonathan Fink, Reporter

October 9, 2018

Lifting weights may not seem like a sport, but with the growth of CrossFit gyms and popularity of shows like American Ninja Warrior, the sport of simply being in shape has grown in popularity. For seniors Jackson Ebeling and Subhranshu Banerjee, lifting heavy weights and steel is what keeps them motivated,...

Avoid double story placement

Test caption.

Sample Student

September 26, 2018

If you place stories in more than one category, say both Showcase and Sports, the story will display in both of these sections on the homepage.  The recommend way of working with this is to place a story in the Showcase category first, and then once other stories have displaced it as a top story, change...

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