The Fleeing Family

A riveting movie of a couple who will stop at nothing to find their daughter.

¨The Vanished” by Peter Facinelli is based on a true story, also ranked in the top 10 on Netflix.  A young couple with a small child decide to go on a fun camping trip to make memories.  The dad, played by Thomas Jane, and the daughter played by Sadie Heim, are looking forward to a day of fishing to bond and relax together.  While the dad is setting up to go fishing, the daughter ends up going missing.  Time passes and the cops as well as the camping neighbors, go searching for the missing little girl.  The couple and the couple next door take a boat out to go looking through the river, the mom of the daughter starts going psycho and ends up drowning the couple that lives next door thinking they were the murderers.  Throughout the movie, the mom does some things that shows she is in denial and going through trauma.  One night the mom goes to the little food store offered at the campsite and meets the man that lives/works there.  He gives off a suspicious welcoming and the mom of the daughter recognizes his suspicion.  The mom keeps on working to find who killed her daughter and at last finds out with investigation of her own.  With the murderer being discovered, the movie also shows different parts of scenes being replayed to show the truth behind some of the acts.  There are so many intense scenes in the movie that keep you drilled into the movie.  I definetly recommend this movie to anyone who like suspense and murder mysteries.