What Happened to Monday?

Netflix Original Surprisingly Good

Recently released on Netflix, “What Happened To Monday?” has been on the top charts for awhile now. As I was scrolling through each genre and looking for a movie to watch, I never expected to actually like it as much as I did. The movie cover does not look appealing, in my personal opinion. It also has a vague and unappealing description of the movie. The only reason I clicked on it, is because my friend highly recommended it.

The main idea of the story takes place 50 years into the future where the population is increased to an excessive amount. The authority had decided to make a new rule where each family could only have one child, and if they had more than that, the extra children would be frozen and stored. Well, in this story a mother accidentally gives birth to 7 children at once! She hid her whole pregnancy and did not let anyone know. Unfortunately, she dies in child birth, leaving the father alone with the 7 identical girls. Knowing the law about the one child policy, the father did not want to give up his children. He decided to name each girl a day out of the week, and that is the day they are assigned to go outside. The tricky part is that this is a highly secure society, so they would have to use the same identity in order to stay alive. They also used a hidden camera to record the day, so that at the end of the day, the other girls can study what happened and make sure they go on to the next day not missing a single piece of information. One day, when it was Monday’s turn to go out, her location was unidentified and she was nowhere to be found. The next day she still did not show up, so Tuesday went out to look for her. At the end of the day, Tuesday goes missing. The rest is a mystery, and for you to find out!