Senior Step Shenanigans

2020 senior step traditions and happenings

The senior step. The one thing that every ESHS student anxiously awaits. Whether it be before school, during lunch, or for study hall, almost every senior fights for a spot on the step.

With the step comes many memories and traditions. As the seniors anxiously await graduation, senioritis strikes and homework falls second to fun.

 Almost every study hall has their own thing. Second hour study hall is home to breakfasts and lots of food. Whether it be microwaved beef taquitos or pizza rolls, many the seniors bring food to share as a morning pick me up.

During fifth hour, a couple students play various games. One table brings cards and uses the study hall as a break from busy schedules, playing speed, jelly, and seven up. Another group of students hops off the step to engage in a hacky sack game, gathering in a circle and kicking the hacky sack around.

The step simply offers a place for seniors to hang with their friends and relax. Throughout the day it’s not uncommon to see people bent over their phones as they watch and make TikToks, share Chic-Fil-A, or sip on Starbucks.

The senior step is undoubtedly one of the best parts of being a senior and creates many lasting memories. The step offers a perfect end to high school and it’s clear why underclassmen are forbidden from setting foot on it.