The Coronavirus: Are we in danger?


It seems that everywhere you look right now, there’s a scary headline about the Coronavirus. There’s a lot of misinformation running around so let’s sort through and separate fact from fiction.


What is the Coronavirus?


Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that are known to cause a range of illnesses. The one that is making the front pages is a previously unidentified strain called the Novel Coronavirus.



What are the symptoms?



Shortness of breath


Difficulty breathing


How can I protect myself?








Is there a cure?


Right now, there is no cure available for the Coronavirus. Cure efforts are currently underway across the globe, with the world’s greatest minds working hard to solve the problem.


What can we in Elkhorn do specifically to protect ourselves?


In all, the Coronavirus is definitely something to be wary of. But we must keep in mind that every disease started out as incurable, and we shouldn’t give up and panic this early.