10/10 Would Recommend

Television is a huge part of almost  everyone American’s life. From hospital dramas to crime shows, there are so many programs out there that it’s hard to navigate through the masses. Bingeing shows for hours is a common weekend activity, but what shows have everyone’s attention right now? 

    The students at Elkhorn South have a wide variety of tastes in TV shows. Asking around about kids favorite shows produced a very wide variety of answers. 

    “I haven’t done much T.V. watching lately, but one that I’m excited for that’s coming out very soon is The Mandalorian,” junior Marvin Larweh says. 

    The Mandalorian is a show that is set to air in November on Disney+. It will be a continuation of the popular movie franchise Star Wars. The show will follow a Mandalorian bounty hunter, five years after the events of the Return of the Jedi. It is predicted to have eight episodes in its first season.

    I would recommend [Stranger Things] to others because it’s appeals to a lot of different people not just a specific audience,” freshman Adam Svoboda said.

    Stranger Things is a science fiction show set in the 1980’s. It tells the story of a town in Indiana in which a little boy disappears, and weird things start to happen. The show currently has three seasons, with a fourth having just been announced, which can all be watched on Netflix. 

    All American […] is about this guy from the ghetto who goes to play football in Beverly Hills,” sophomore Elise Madden said.

    All American showcases the story of a boy named Spencer James, who is uprooted from his life at Crenshaw High and pulled to Beverly Hills when he gets a football opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. The show details his triumphs and struggles in navigating his new life.

         One thing all of these shows have in common is they’re all dramatic. They’re advertised as compelling and relatable, which appeals greatly to a teenage audience like here at Elkhorn South.

            “I like TV shows that are dramatic,” sophomore Brooke Reinecke said. “Because 

I can get caught up in the action.”