Storm Alert

Photo taken by Abby Farkas

Friday Night Lights

Ellie Adamson, Design Editor August 30, 2021

As the air starts to turn crisper, and the days shorter, not all hope of fun and games should be lost. Fall is on its way, and along with it, football season! This year is especially exciting, because...

Teachers line up outside of Millard North High School prior to their 9am appointments. Photo credit by Kayla Anderson

Vaccination Sensation

Abbey Miller, Newspaper Adviser March 11, 2021

Relief. This is the feeling that hundreds of Elkhorn Public School’s teachers felt after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday, March 6. Many states began allowing...

Where School Spirit Meets Controversy

Where School Spirit Meets Controversy

Cambri Rolfes, Design Editor-In-Chief October 22, 2020

  When the football team walked off the field after their victory over Kearney on October 18th, 2020, the only headlines anticipated were from local gazettes and heralds publicizing the high school’s...

Elkhorn South Volleyball Still Serving up it’s Best Amid Coronavirus Closures

Elkhorn South Volleyball Still Serving up it’s Best Amid Coronavirus Closures

Maddie Henry , Journalism Student April 25, 2020

All players of the Elkhorn South volleyball program have received communication giving them a team, ranging from freshman to senior, groups are picked at random. The teams are then given tasks to complete...

On Defense

Kate Aksyonov, Senior Content Editor March 17, 2020

A list of survival tips: Never squirm if you’re in quicksand. Always say no to strangers in white minivans offering candy. Don’t shower during a thunderstorm. Avoid whirlpools. Get under a desk during...

Seniors Nick Groth, DJ Schuman, and Noah White pose in their white uniforms.

Senior-night success for the Storm

Kate Aksyonov, Senior Content Editor February 7, 2020

At their last home competition of the season, Storm wrestling celebrated their seniors on Tuesday, February 4th, with a win against Elkhorn High. The team finished the duel in 30 minutes with a decisive...

Elkhorn South students pose with awards from DECA Metros, held at Millard South on Jan. 16.

Dominating DECA

Kate Aksyonov, Senior Content Editor January 24, 2020

Saturday, January 16th, 11 students from Elkhorn South’s DECA chapter attended metros for their first competition of the year.   DECA, sponsored by Ramsey Dolesh, is a student activity that...

Fostering Hutch

Fostering Hutch

Mila Skrivan, Content Editor-In-Chief December 13, 2019

This past week my family made the decision to foster a 6 month old poodle for the next 18 months. This next year we will be training him to be a service dog through an organization in Lincoln, Domesti-PUPS.  It...

Surviving finals week:

Surviving finals week:

Kate Aksyonov, Senior Content Editor December 10, 2019

As one TikTok put it, the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are like the super fast music on the last lap of Mario Kart: pure chaos. At this point in approaching the end of semester, students...

10/10 Would Recommend

10/10 Would Recommend

Emma LeDent, Web Editor November 8, 2019

Television is a huge part of almost  everyone American’s life. From hospital dramas to crime shows, there are so many programs out there that it’s hard to navigate through the masses. Bingeing shows...

Photo Courtesy of DCPostGazette

Elkhorn South hits hard as they hit the road

Cambri Rolfes, Design Editor-In-Chief November 4, 2019

    Elkhorn South Upsets Kearney in Class A Playoff Opener Elkhorn South varsity football upheld tradition as they brought back a win from Kearney on November 1, paving their way to the...

Sorry, I can’t

May 13, 2019

I confess, I am one of those individuals who hold my breath every time I get a text message. “Please don’t be important, please don’t be important,” I repeat to myself as I flip my phone to see...

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