Homecoming on Film



The best part about Homecoming, for me, is hands down dressing up. The most accurate word I can use to describe Homecoming is at best, mediocre. The amateur music, sweaty clumps of people, and sparse decorations just don’t really cut it. Prom definitely wins my vote. But for those that have never been to Prom, I have to say that this year’s Homecoming came in at a very close second. 

First off, having the dance on the football field was a major upgrade. When the dance was in the cafeteria, where it has been the past several years, everyone was smashed even closer together with very minimal airflow. This year, since the dance was outside, it was easy to step away from the “mosh pit” and grab a breath of fresh air whenever I needed to. I was also shocked by how many students actually showed up. Usually most people stay for the first 20 minutes, make their rounds, dance a little, and then leave. 

This year though, there were hundreds of people up until about the last 30 minutes. It definitely helped that everyone actually danced, however the music was still far from decent. Personally I really wanted to hear “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull, but the DJ was pretty closed-minded when it came to song suggestions. “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer and the endless country music didn’t add to the overall experience of my last Homecoming however, as soon as “Dancing Queen” by ABBA came on, my mood instantly rose and I started belting my heart out with my best friends (sorry to anyone that actually heard me singing). Overall, I can confidently say that this year’s Homecoming was much better than it has been in previous years, minus getting trampled every time a beat dropped and the several bruises I now have on the tops of my feet.  


Below I added some pictures from everyone’s “pre-hoco,” plus some really blurry candid pictures from the dance! Enjoy!!