Dance at the Jitterbug

Ashley Wyzinski, reporter

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      There is this wonderful place downtown that many do not know about. It is this cute swing dance place called The Jitterbug. When a friend asked me to go I was super excited. I have such a passion for dance and it sounded like a fun time.

     Although it took me over an hour to pick out an outfit and get ready and we could not find the place It all worked out. It’s actually not that hard to find we just thought the building was called something else. Also, a tip would be to park at the Lutheran care center catty corner to the building, they have free parking. We got their about 45 minutes after it had started so we missed the lesson on the basic steps of the swing dance. This meant that I had to learn on the spot when someone asked me to dance. I was kinda nervios and told the people I danced with that I just got there so they would understand when they realized I was not good. After a few songs I started to feel that I was getting the hang of it. Although I was still not perfect I felt that my experience with dance helped me stay in the rhythm and the swing of things.

     I think the hardest part of swing dancing was how different it was then the dancing I usually do. I currently dance at Nebraska Dance. I compared my experience to my jazz, lyrical,  and contemporary classes. In swing the dancer has to be free and not tense their body up. With contemporary I had to make things look graceful while tightening up my muscles and making it look effortless. Another thing was control. In swing the male leads. This meant that I had to give up control. In the dancing I usually do I have complete control over every move and things are planned out and cleaned. Swing is free and unplanned. This frustrated me. I am so used to consistency and being precise but that’s not what it’s all about at Jitterbug.

     The people there understood that I still had some learning to do. One very nice man showed me some of his tricks and dips. He gave me some pointers on how I should have my had so it is easier to grab when we switch hands. All of the people there were friendly. They truly create an accepting community.

      The aroma when I walked in already put a smile on my face. We walked in the doors and we could already hear the music. It’s such an amazing and inviting community. They have events all the time and sometimes they have a live band come and play. If you ever find yourself with some free time in your hectic schedule I suggest that you take a trip downtown to dance. Also, It would be a really cute place for a date. It’s only $5 and can be a fun bonding activity between friends and family.