Outdoors vs. indoors, which is better?


Paige Girardot, Managing and Design Editor

Dear sterile indoors,


going outside is just a draining experience. Period. The outdoors are analogous to sensory overload. The outdoors are to sensory overload while the indoors are to peace and control. I’m a control freak; I need complete control over my environment, and the outdoors can’t give me that. There are too many unpleasant elements that are part of the outdoors. The weather, bugs, people, and the dirt (I’m a stressed germaphobe). The outdoors are simply unreliable. You can’t trust her next move, you don’t know what’s going to happen next, and she is ruthless. You can just be minding your business and all of a sudden Miss Mother Nature will come and ruin everything in one fell swoop.

My sanctuary is indoors, where I can recharge and relax. While when I’m outdoors it is an environment of complete stress and too many uncontrollable factors. It will never rain on me when I’m inside, bugs won’t land on me, unwanted strangers won’t try to strike up a conversation with me, and I won’t ever have to use a disgusting public restroom.

Speaking of public spaces, what’s so good about them? Practically anywhere you go, something is bound to get in your way and you’ll be faced with unwanted, unforeseen challenges. The indoors have so much to offer that the outdoors wishes she could be even half of what Miss Indoors is. I love her. She really popped off. The indoors allow for a total state of relaxation and restoration of the body and soul; courtesy of long naps in my comfy bed, Youtube and Netflix sessions, and endless snacking. Being cradled by the safety and familiarity of my home offers something that nothing else can match. Without these sacred indoor moments, I would truly lose my mind.

For me, the decision is simple. Would I rather relax and be productive and happy in a temperate, clean environment… or would I rather be dirty, sweaty, and stressed, and get acne? The answer is clear.