Surviving the High School Parking Lot


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It’s eight in the morning. You’re waiting in the never ending line to turn into the highschool parking lot. It’s now 8:05am and you are still in line. The fear begins to set in. You have only five minutes until you are late to class, and receive yet another tardy in addition to the look of disapproval from your homeroom teacher as you enter the classroom at 8:12.

It is now 8:07, and you have finally made it into the parking lot, however, there are no parking spots to your avail as you drive aimlessly through the rows of cars, dodging fellow classmates as they walk into school. It’s 8:10, you are officially late to class. You finally managed to find a parking spot in the back of the school parking lot where all the yee yee highschool boys park their 2011 Dodge Jeep Ram trucks, taking up two to three parking spots. You’re not sure if it’s because of their bad parking skills or their ideology that their scrap metal truck needs to be protected from side swiping. Welcome to the life of a highschool student in the school parking lot.

With the school year now being well into second semester, similar to Olivia Rodrigo, many of the sophomore class have received their drivers license. With these new drivers there have been many new implications brought to light while attempting to get in and out of the parking lot.

Junior Mia Rhoades states, “It takes forever to get out. Sophomores are ruthless; their capability of driving is nonexistent.”

Senior Cambri Rolfes simply describes it as “chaotic.” She went on to state, “Nobody knows how to drive properly; One time I was waiting to pull into a parking spot, when another driver decided to cut in front of me blocking multiple vehicles from getting around him to claim the parking spot himself.”

While there is no exact number for the amount of car accidents that have occured in the school parking lot many students can distinctly recall a time they witnessed a collision or side swipe.

Junior Grace Farkas was a witness to a head on collision in the school parking lot around 8:10, on Monday morning. The witness accounts to two drivers in dire need of a parking spot, unwilling to move for the other vehicle. It has been reported that Officer Tony was called to the scene of the incident, and took matters into his own hands.

Junior Camdyn Pilkington opts for early work release during seventh hour in an attempt to avoid the dangers that await in the after school parking lot frenzies.

With the weather forecasts in the foreseeable future projecting 30 to 50 degree sunny days, many highschool drivers are hopeful it will alleviate some of the school traffic.