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Drake Vs. Kendrick Lamar

A showdown between two of the most loved rap music artists.

Some of the biggest drama is currently occurring within the rap world. Discussions are scattered across all platforms of social media, gossiping about the never-ending rap battle between rap superstars: Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Not only are people discussing this seemed to be “war,” but they are also posting their reactions. Fans, youtubers, tiktokers, and more are recording their reactions to the targeted songs that the rappers are firing at each other. Each release seems to be a shot taken at the other, and the number of shots continues to increase. Although many shots have been taken, both the rappers still stand and continue to fight.

The real beginning of the rap battle began in March 2024, when Lamar released a song called “Like That.” This release was in reply to Drake and J Cole’s song: “First Person Shooter Mode,” which was a part of Drake’s To All the Dogs album, released back in October 2023. In “Like That,” Kendrick Lamar mentions one of J Cole’s lyrics in “First Person Shooter Mode,” which had previously mentioned the “big three.” Lamar’s response in his song consisted of him expressing that there isn’t a big three, its only him.

Not long after, J Cole responds to Lamar’s attack by releasing a diss track called “7 Minute Drill.” Within a few days, Cole deletes the track and apologizes to Kendrick Lamar publicly, thoroughly expressing his sincerity and regret. This apology took J Cole out of the picture, and put more focus towards Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Unlike J Cole, Drake did not hold back. He responded harshly to Lamar’s “Like That,” and quickly accelerated the rap battle. Drake released not one, but two diss tracks: “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” This is where it began to get personal, because Drake’s production of “Push Ups” first involved and mentioned information regarding Lamar’s fiance. 

Lamar quickly bounced back in only a few days, and released “Euphoria” and “6:16 in L.A.” This move by Lamar was a direct attack on Drake. The song “Euphoria” is specified to Drake, as he was a co-producer of the show Euphoria. These songs weren’t super hard of hits, but it wasn’t the last hit from Kendrick Lamar. 

ake responded to this with “Family Matters,” taking the battle to an even deeper level. In “Family Matters” Drake accuses Lamar of abusing Whitney Alford, Lamar’s fiance. Additionally, he makes the claim that one of Lamar and Alford’s children is Dave Free. Dave Free is a close friend and business partner with Lamar, making the claim speculated and believable.

Within less than an hour of Drake’s release, Lamar dropped “Meet the Grahams.” This release was one of the hardest hits of this battle so far, and it is still being talked about. The information Lamar reveals about Drake in this song is gut-wrenching and shocking to many fans. In this single, Lamar dug deep into Drake’s personal life and past, uncovering some ugly dirt on Drake. He reveals and accuses Drake of being a sex predator, participating in sex trafficking, and having a secret daughter. Lamar brought Drake’s kid Adonis into the beef, along with Drake’s “new-found” kid. But Lamar still had more. The next day, he dropped “Not Like us.” In doing so, he called Drake a pedophile, mentioning several times in the song that Drake likes minors. All these horrifying “truths” are mixed together with Lamar’s catchy tune. 

Since these most recent releases from Lamar, Drake has been silent. Drake has expressed across the media that Lamar’s claims aren’t factual. He tries to scrap together some dignity and sanity, trying to convince everyone that Lamar had made up that stuff about him. None of this information has yet to truly be confirmed or denied, but the speculations continue. Although, the rap battle and drama isn’t close to over. I have a feeling there will plenty more to come from these two. Fan bases have reacted heavily to the drama. They enjoy getting to watch it all go down, but they also feel bad, as their favorite artists are getting brutally, verbally attacked. Its even gotten to the point, where Drake’s mega-mansion has recently been shot-up and several trespassers have been found on his property. This battle is definitely unforgettable, and its still got quite a way to go. But for now, this is the latest news regarding the rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

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