Mask up. Properly this Time.


PSA: you look dumb when your mask is under your nose. You don’t look quirky or cute. You look stupid and ignorant. Okay, that was a tad aggressive, but it had to be said. The amount of people I see walking through our halls with their masks under their nose, or even under their chin, is so aggravating. What is the point of wearing a mask if it doesn’t cover up the two parts of your face that actually transmits COVID-19: your nose and your mouth? You might as well be wearing a chin diaper at that point; wearing your mask like that is utterly pointless. And what exactly are the benefits of wearing your mask incorrectly? None. Zero. Zilch. 


Here are some of the most common ‘reasons’ I hear:


“But I hate how my mask covers up my whole face!” 


Okay? Get a cuter mask then? Like just because we can all see your nose now doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to get asked out on Valentine’s Day, hate to break it to you. 


“I just can’t breathe in this thing!”


Crazy thing, the rest of us all wear our masks properly, and none of us have passed out from oxygen loss.


“My ears hurt!”


My 9 year old sister wears a mask for 8 hours a day. She even wears it on the car ride to and from school, sometimes forgetting she has it on at all. I have never heard a SINGLE complaint leave her mouth. Are you really more of a crybaby than a little girl? 

Here’s a suggestion: cope.


I heard so many people complaining about online school when we had it, yet those same people never wear their masks properly. I don’t want to hear you complaining about prom this year if you couldn’t accomplish one little task: wear a mask. Be smart.