Thanksgiving Celebration


Thanksgiving this year was celebrated much differently than normal.  Everyone has their traditions and fun family and friend gatherings.  For me, this holiday was celebrated just like any other day.  Every year we get together with our family friends and eat some tasty food and spend quality time with each other.  Due to all the craziness, my family celebrated Thanksgiving with just us and no family friends.  We decided to mix it up a little and go to a restaurant for dinner and feast out.  We did this last minute so our only option was pretty much the Good Life.  That restaurant never does me wrong and I would say it was a pretty tasty dinner.  For a normal Thanksgiving, the family and friends would always play card games and start planning out the shopping spree that would start in a couple hours.  The hype we always waited for was staying out the entire night while shopping and trying not to fall asleep.  While those plans did not happen this year, I decided to go out and hang with friends and try to make the most of it.  Since the shopping spree would go into the Friday right after, I decided to wake up at 6am and go shopping with my friends so it could at least feel a little similar to the normal Thanksgiving.  All in all, even though Thanksgiving was celebrated differently for my family and most likely many other families, making the most out of what we have is the way we should celebrate this holiday.