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Elkhorn south football has finished the year on a good note with a top 8 class A finish and an overall record of 7-4, with their last win on the season against Kearney. 

The biggest moment of the season was going on the road in the first round of the playoffs and beating a top 10 Kearney team decisively on their home field. We were the only Class A team to win on the road in the first round of the playoffs in 2018 and we did it again in 2019. That’s a testament to the investment and toughness of our players,” Head coach Guy Rosenburg said. 

Although the season didnt end perfectly many good things still came from this year

“Any year that we don’t end the season in Memorial Stadium holding the trophy is a season that falls short of our goals. With that being said, our players should have absolutely no regrets about their investment and hard work this season. There is absolutely no more they could have done. I admire their courage, the courage to realize that all you can do is fully dedicate yourself to the cause and find peace in knowing that you put it all on the line for your teammates.  Millard West is an excellent football team. With all the money on the table, they beat us. We tip our hats to them. That’s life in the arena,” Rosenburg said

Much of the teams hard work and killer work ethic all comes from the off season.

“In the off-season we need to get bigger, stronger, and more athletic. That’s our goal every off-season — to maximize player development. Football, at its simplest level, is a game of explosive movement. The goal is to move your opponent from point A to point B against his will. That all starts in the weight room — it’s where work ethic, toughness, and trust are built. We had a great off-season in 2018 and will have an even better one in 2019. All scheme is secondary to physicality,” Rosenburg said 

Senior leadership has always been a big part of the elkhorn south football team, and in this off season shoes will need to be filled nonetheless they will still be a force to reckon with next year and they will come angry.


Elkhorn South volleyball has shown lots of grit all year with a record of 27-9. Winning the metro conference and the first year of playing in class A state all very big accompishments that were not easy to achieve. 

“It is hard to pick a ‘best’ moment because we have had some great ones. My favorite thing to see is players celebrating each other on the court, or pointing to a teammate that helped them be successful in a play. The celebration when we won Metros was pretty awesome too,” Head coach Chelsea Potter said. Elkhorn South volleyball will still be stacked with talent but senior leadership will stick with these girls. 

Our seniors will be hard to replace both in their ability and their leadership. They have done a great job modeling what it means to be a good teammate and guiding our younger girls to fill those roles next season,” Potter said.

With now a current state record holder Madi Wooden the team is definatly doing things right during practice. 

“A typical practice starts with the whole program warming-up together and maybe doing a drill where players are mixed up. We implemented skill-based training as often as once a week before we focused on team drills and scrimmaging,” Potter said. Elkorn South Volleyball will comeback next season with Rylee Gray and Brilee Weisler, leading these girls who are hungry for a state title.

Behind every horrific bloody scene, is a talented makeup artist. Special FX makeup is responsible for creating the graphic images seen in today’s media. Sophomore, Avery Sadler, expresses her creativity through the use of special FX makeup. 

 “I got into special FX makeup roughly around the age of 13, I would watch all these behind the scenes videos of how movie FX specialists would cast a mold of someones face or body part and mangle it up for a certain movie scene, this was oddly fascinating to me how these people were creating insane lacerations and wounds out of waxes, rubbers and silicones,” Sadler said.

Sadler was not highly informed about the makeup world prior to her discovery of special FX makeup and then started getting more into it as she got into this other form of makeup.

“I was already involved with some simple makeup skills, like doing mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, but I wasn’t very educated in all of the brands, types of makeup, etc.,” Sadler said.

Avery utilized things, such as technology, in order to learn the techniques to improve on her basic level makeup skills.

 “I learned how to create special effects looks from lots of fail and repeat, but mostly from an fx artist @GlamandGore since her videos would pop up on Youtube’s trending page,” Sadler said. 

Sadler has a positive support system from the people she is close to and they are more than happy to encourage her to construct new looks, even though they can get a little creepy.

“My friends think it’s gross in the best way, which is I guess what I’m aiming for, being that I put fake blood and wax on my skin. My family is always excited to see me experiment with new hobbies and ideas, so this was just another hobby to them I guess,” Sadler said.

Sadler acknowledges that her makeup freaks out her family from time to time, but enjoys getting a crack out of the reactions she gets from her eerie creations.

“How fun that must have been for my family, to see me come down the stairs on a saturday morning with bloody knuckles and bruised collar bones,” Sadler said.

Sadler doesn’t take credit for all the looks that she has produced, but usually she just lets her imagination flow when it comes to molding these prosthetics onto her face.

 “I usually get my inspiration for certain looks of of the internet and films, but sometimes I just sit down and try out my own ideas and see if it works or not,” Sadler said.

Makeup might be all fun and games, but when Sadler applies these cosmetics on her friends, she always double checks the ingredients so that she can ensure no one will have a severe reaction.

“I think it’s always nice to create looks on myself before others so I can get a feel for what I’m making, I also have to make sure that certain products don’t harm others that I will be applying makeup to, since some products have problematic effects on certain skin types,” Sadler said.

Sadler has a positive outlook and an open mind to continue improving on her techniques in the next few years.

“Oh heavens no, I am probably considered intermediate in the FX area, I would have to be a lot better than I am now to be accepted by a company, but as I continue learning new skills in the field and discovering new techniques perhaps one day I will submit something,” Sadler said.

As of right now, Sadler creates special FX looks as a hobby, but is intrigued in pursuing the professional aspects.

“Doing Fx as a job would be quite interesting! I do really enjoy putting these looks together and I would love to learn more about it, maybe someday I’ll be at a professional scale, but for now it’s all for the fun of it,” Sadler said.

Sadler recommends to others who want to try special FX makeup, to just go for it and that hard work will always pay off.

“My tips for others who want to explore the FX world is, first get acquainted with it!” Sadler said. Pick up some Tinsley Transfers products and go at it, practice, practice,practice. Also check out to get a sense of where to start on your path to success,” Sadler said.