Winter with Wheatley


Unpopular opinion: Winter is the best season! Most people take the cold weather as an excuse to stay in their cozy beds all day, which I’m also guilty for, but in reality there are endless amounts of things to do for entertainment with friends and family during the snowy holiday season. 

A typical winter day in my life when I don’t have to go to school usually begins with me waking up around 10, and hopefully to a white wonderland outside my window. During the warmer months I start my morning with an iced coffee, but a hot chocolate is more suitable when it’s chilly. After I spend some time on my phone or maybe watching a christmas movie, I tend to clean my room in the morning so I can get it out of the way for later. Then I do my skincare in order for my face to stay moisturized and get ready for the day.

Deciding what to do is the most difficult part, because there are so many enjoyable activities to do. I’m the type of person that appreciates alone time, so I don’t mind doing things by myself at all. My favorite things to do when I’m not with others include going to Target to look at the holiday decor, wrapping presents, decorating my Christmas tree, hanging lights, watching a movie, and getting bundled in tons of blankets with my cats.

Spending time with myself is therapeutic, but hanging out with my family and friends makes activities 1000x more exciting and matches the hectic holiday environment. My favorite forms of amusement that include others are: doing a mini holiday photoshoot, driving around to look at lights, baking cookies, giving back, making gingerbread houses, blasting christmas jingles in the car, visiting my grandparents, and doing a secret santa gift trade. Sledding and ice skating followed by a cuddle sesh around the fire are a definite go-to for a successful winter day.

Winter is the ultimate season, but it is only what people make of it. Bundle up and go have some fun outside!