Triplets final season

Nathan Blusys, Junior Reporter

After this tennis season, the boys will face a lot of adversity. Many seniors are leaving, including the Fink brothers, who have accounted for half of the varsity tennis team for the last 4 years. They lead the team to multiple state championships, and received gratitude from other coaches because all three show great sportsmanship.
“It all began from Wii sports tennis and that my sisters played tennis so I thought I would be good at it,” John Fink said.
John started playing tennis around sixth grade and both of his brothers followed him by taking up the sport a year later.
“We took up the sport because our brother John pressured us into it and it has turned out to be a lot of fun,” Ben Fink said. Seth agreed.
The Fink brothers have enjoyed every second of playing tennis together through thick and thin.
“We get along for the most part but sometimes we do end up arguing endlessly,” the Fink brothers said.
The boys all agree that they will be putting the team in a rut because more than 8 seniors will be leaving the tennis squad.
“I do believe that the seniors played a big role in the tennis season this year but I think it is possible to comeback just as strong next year if they put the work in,” Ben said.
Seth and John played number one doubles all four years for South.
“Every year we got better and better and I was very excited my freshmen year when we were chosen to be number one doubles,” Seth said.
All three brothers agreed that they are all going to miss tennis, but they are not going to be taking their tennis skills to college.
“It’s been a great time playing tennis at Elkhorn South but I’m just going to end up playing intramurals in college because I will already have too many commitments in college,” Ben said.
Seth said that he was upset that he was never able to win state individually with John.
“It was one of the few goals of my tennis career that I was never able to accomplish. It was upsetting when we fell short of winning number one doubles this year,” Seth said.
John is very excited to move on from high school although he will miss tennis. He will be applying for the ROTC scholarship for Nebraska, Kansas State, South Dakota, and the University of Kansas.
“I would be thrilled to get into any of those,” John said.
Ben and Seth both are planning to go to the University of South Dakota.
“The only thing I know after that is that I will not be rooming with my brother,” Seth said.
The brothers do enjoy the competition against one another.
“My favorite moments playing tennis this season is playing against my brothers and beating them,” Ben said.