The haunting of Capitol Hill

Joey Schafer, Junior Reporter

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Term limits are the ultimate abdication of voter freedom: a bold faced attack, perpetrated by an ever expansive bureaucracy that neither represents their constituents nor responds to the average American. Yet we still seek to automate our civic duty, and further the suppression of our will.

Indeed, the cogs of voter suppression whir to life every election cycle, this time under the guise of democratic reform. Are you sick of septuagenarian senators slowly dismantling your most basic civil rights? Stop tweeting and start pulling levers. Our government is overthrown in bi-annual increments. Don’t pretend that’s not interesting. You have the power to affect change in the lives of your fellow citizens. You can pull children out of poverty, feed the hungry, end suffering abroad, and provide health services for Americans.

Like it or not, your voice matters. In 2016, there were elections decided at the flip of a coin because people like you decided that their vote didn’t matter. Get off the couch, drive to your polling place, dethrone the most powerful government in human history, then you can get back to binge-watching Netflix. This moment only comes every two years. The Haunting of Hill House can wait. The Haunting of Capitol Hill can’t.