Husker Fandom

Husker Fandom

Seth Fink, Reporter

A true Nebraska tradition: going to Husker games every fall Saturday afternoon to tailgate and watch the teams derail other football programs. The tradition lives on, except for the fact that this year’s team is 2-6, with what many fans believe to be a very slim chance of making a bowl game. However, many are focusing on the idea that there is nowhere to go, but up.

Growing up in Nebraska it is impossible to escape the team’s influence.

“I have loved the Huskers for as long as I can remember. Having both parents gone to UNL, Husker Football is forever in my blood,” sophomore Sam Hoskinson said.

Despite the ups and downs, Husker fans continue to support the team and never give up on them.

“There are always 85,000 to 90,000 fans at each game and they are always cheering loud and proud,” sophomore Isaac Zatecha said.

Many students have spent each fall Saturday meeting with family friends at the base of Memorial Stadium or in a downtown parking lot.

“My family and I try to make it to every game possible. We always maintain our confidence and support for the Huskers,” Hoskinson said.

This year, Huskers head coach Scott Frost has dominated many of the headlines, whether reminiscing on success of the 90s or predicting future seasons records.

“I feel that Coach Scott Frost is going to do good things as Nebraska’s head Coach,” Zatechka said.

Many optimistic Husker fans are finally seeing dreams realized as the team is on a two game winning streak. Even during some loses, fans see the fire in players eyes that may not have been there during the last coaching reign.

“I believe that the timing was perfect for Scott Frost to come in and take over. I also think Frost will lead us in the right direction as a program once again,” Hoskinson said.

Losing is tough for Hoskinson’s dad who was a former Nebraska guard and center during three national championship seasons.

“He hates losing more than anyone I know, but he believes in Coach Frost and what he is doing,” Hoskinson said.

Not only is Hoskinson’s dad a bit upset with the season so far, but so is Zatechka’s dad.

“He is a little disappointed, but he believes in Coach Frost and knows he will turn this program around,” Zatechka said.

Though the Huskers are struggling now, fans believe the team has a bright future ahead of them with Frost’s recruits.

“Scott Frost hasn’t had a chance to recruit his own players at Nebraska yet. When he gets his players and gets used to the big ten a little bit, we will be in great shape,” Hoskinson said.

The Huskers still have a chance to win this year with their upcoming schedule including Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan State, and Iowa.

“I think by the end of the year, we will go 4-8,” Zatechka said.

Being a Husker fan is different than being any kind of fan from a different state, but its something that husker fans would never change.

“Being a Husker fan means cheering no matter what,” Zatechka said. “Staying committed with the team and having no doubt in them to win their next game.”