Time to Steal the Moon

ESHS smashes records, with its minion themed student section

After a hard fought basketball season full of invigorating three pointers, countless hours practicing, and battling some of the best teams in Class A, the Elkhorn South Basketball Team put it all on the court one last time on Tuesday March 8. Despite the heartbreaking loss to the number one seed, Millard North, Elkhorn South held their heads high, and the record breaking student section caused smiles to stay on faces lost past the final shot. 

Due to COVID-19, the 2021-2022 school year was marked with the loss of coveted pep rallies known as “Fight Song Fridays” that have been a tradition at ESHS since the school’s opening. Students have challenged administration all year long, trying to persuade them to revive school spirit by bringing these pep rallies back for good. 

After the Elkhorn South Basketball Team upset Central to make it to the Class A state tournament for the first time in school history, administrators allowed the first pep rally of the year to take place. 

Before the game on Tuesday, ESHS students gathered in the gym for the largest pep rally to take place at South. Mr. Smith recorded the festivities, which included a dance team performance, a competitive game of knock-out, and pie-ing Tony in the face. Coinciding with the “minion” theme, music from Despicable Me played as students walked in, and students went crazy after senior Davis Boyens, dressed as Gru, proclaimed that it was “Time to steal the moon!”. 

The only thing better than the pep rally on Tuesday, was the student section at the game itself. Leading up to 1:30pm all talk was about how hype the student section would be. According to the office secretaries, over 600 students were called out of school Tuesday morning, and these students did not disappoint. The ESHS student section broke a previous record for largest student section at the Class A basketball tournament in history. 

It was all minion at Pinnacle Bank Arena Tuesday afternoon. The unique theme filled up the whole student section in the arena, with students spilling out into side seating. Among the around 600 minions were those dressed as other characters from Despicable Me, including Gru, and the famed “moon”.

As the clock ticked down and halftime approached, ESHS students prepared to switch themes to “purple minions”. As soon as the team ran back out onto the court after halftime, the switch was pulled off, and the student section turned completely purple. The effect, and the student section itself was truly a sight to behold.

“It was great to see that many students showed up dressed up as minions to support our basketball team” junior, Sophie St. Amour said. 

The cheerleaders were also thrilled with such an awesome turnout, as the noise emanating from the student section during chants was unmatchable.

“It was a great way to end my high school cheer career! The student section couldn’t have been better!” senior cheerleader, Lexi Axiotes said. 

While the final score may not have been what ESHS students had hoped for, one thing everyone can agree on is that the school spirit ushered in on Tuesday will go down in history. With the spring sports season beginning, one can only hope that ESHS’s newfound spirit will continue to be seen in the halls, and on the sidelines.

“I wish the past four years were like this” Axiotes said, “the energy was fantastic!”