The Lost Husband

A Review


The Lost Husband is an unremarkable movie.  Libby, a widow and a mom of two, is learning how to do life without her husband.  Her family moves in with Libby’s mother and learns that was just not the right move.  After trying out living with her mom, they decide to move out and move in with her aunt Jean.  Jean lives on a big farm and she has a helper whose name is Jame.  Throughout the movie there is a store clerk that Libby met in the beginning, and the clerk keeps saying she can help Libby out with her husband who passed away.  Libby’s daughter Abbie, starts at a new school and did not have the best experience there.  A little boy bullied her about her limping which was caused by the car accident that her dad has passed away in.  Jame is the one that is there for everyone and gave a stern talk to the bully.  On Jean’s birthday she has a huge celebration at the barn with music and dancing.  That is when Libby and Jame start to fall in love.  They both are dealing with hard pasts with their old spouses which drew them closer.  One day Libby finds an abandoned house across from her Jean’s house.  As she goes exploring in it she finds old pictures of when she was little with her family.  Forcing her aunt to expose what really happened when she was younger, she started finding out the truth about everything.  When she was little Jean was really the one that took her in and acted like she was the mom.  So Libby went off to her mom’s house to confront her about the situation and they became broken as Libby found out that her mom couldn’t take care of Libby when she was little because she was not experienced or mature.  As Libby grew up, her mom came back and forced her back.  Hearing that come from her mom broke her heart knowing she was not the one to influence her in life.  Libby goes back to her Jean’s house and makes that abandoned house her new home for her and her kids.  This movie was so good and intriguing.  I loved all the mystery throughout the story with that abandoned house and all the drama between the mom and aunt.  All in all, I would watch this again and was very well played out.