Operation Drop Box


The movie Operation Drop Box is such a good move.  Erica is sent by her boss to go to Guam and defend a special program.  The program is called Operation Drop Box.  Drop Box is when the military goes out and drops presents off for families who need them most.  Erica’s boss is the governor of Washington DC.  She does not like this program because the people operating this do not support her district back at home.  Capt. Jantz is showing Erica around and she is writing and getting information out of Jantz then gives the information back to her boss.  Erica is a very determined woman who likes to get her job done with no games.  The two characters went off on their own one day and Erica came across Capt. Jantz at the program center.  At the beginning of the story, Jantz knew, but was not supposed to know, that the reason Erica came down to Guam was to try to get information so they could defund the program.  Once Jantz got caught by Erica at the program center, she realized that it was actually a good program and helped many people out.  She ended up giving out presents to little kids and helping with the program because she fell in love with it.  Erica’s boss kept calling because she was not giving back important details about the program and was not doing her job.  Once the two saw their real colors and personalities, they began falling in love with each other.  One day, Erica’s boss showed up at the organization since she kept ignoring all the calls from her boss.  Erica is being forced to leave and go back home to DC, but she still has things to finish here in Guam.  She goes back to Jantz and they join the crew in giving the presents away, as she is walking on to the jet, her boss decides to join them so she can really see how they are giving back to the people.  Everything about this movie was so good and intriguing.  I loved watching Erica and Jantz opinions about eachother change throughout the story.  It was so good to watch the bosses mindset change about the program and that they all got to give back to the community.