Storm Alert

Hamilton Review

Callista Gregory, Student Editor

September 20, 2019

Driving through the streets of downtown Omaha on a Tuesday evening, it’s not hard to miss the fact that every single parking spot is filled. There’s still 45 minutes left until the opening of the show, but I was forced to p...

Storming the Stands

Kate Aksyonov, Co-editor in chief

September 20, 2019

“One, we are the storm!” Whether shouted from the dugout at a varsity softball game or cried during a timeout during volleyball, this statement rings more true than ever.    This past fall season, Elkhorn South’s var...

Intro to the new team

September 12, 2019

Poolside paycheck

Jon Fink, Reporter

May 14, 2019

This stereotypical high school summer job can serve the community interests and provide personal benefits, as senior Will Mack and Junior Avery Smith have experienced. “I wanted to become a lifeguard because my dad was a lifeguard,...

Ice Isn’t All Bad

Benjamin Fink, Reporter

February 22, 2019

Traditional fishing is generally regarded as a solitary sport, but nothing compares to the isolation on the ice. Standing out in the middle of the lake overlooking the endless amount of open ice in all directions, not knowing...

Flexible philosophy

Calli Gregory, Photo Editor

February 22, 2019

There is something extremely important about centering oneself mentally. It is the basis of success for everything else in life. A good way of maintaining a steady mental state is by being involved in a sport, but finding the...

More than a ripple

Calli Gregory, Photo Editor

February 22, 2019

Swim, eat, dive, sleep, repeat. This endless cycle tells the timeless tale of what it actually looks like to be a part of aquatic sports during the winter season. For swimmers, the day begins before sunrise. At the gym before...

Escaping reality

Calli Gregory, Photo Editor

January 29, 2019

When it comes to planning a family outing that everyone can be apart of or trying to figure out the next date idea, an escape room can oftentimes be overlooked. Being locked in a room with only one exit does not necessarily s...

Just keep swimming

Kate Aksyonov, Copy Editor

December 21, 2018

This year, the Stormin’ Antlers (Elkhorn South and Elkhorn High’s swim team) are preparing for another season of success, after placing high at State last year.   “The season has gone super well so far,” Junior Paige Hunt s...

New season, new show

Calli Gregory, Photo Editor

December 20, 2018

As the chilly weather begins to set in and winter pitches its tent, people begin looking for a good excuse to stay curled up inside, watching television and drinking hot chocolate. For television providers, the new season means...

Student by day, journalist by night

Jonathan Fink, Reporter

November 1, 2018

A random Twitter message led to a career making opportunity for senior Josh Krause. During the summer of 2018, Krause messaged Omaha World Herald reporter Mike Sautter inquiring whether he would like to take on a new intern. Sautter...

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