Current foodie, future baker

Ashley Wyzinski, reporter

Many students are undecided on what they want to pursue as a future career. Others, like sophomore Emma Freeman, are already taking steps into their desired field. Freeman is ahead of the game. She is already working on mastering her pastry chef skills.

    Freema started baking for fun and really enjoyed it. This lead her to researching the field. No one in her family works in the baking field, so she decided to reach out to others around her. After she talked to other bakers she realized that she wanted to pursue it as a career option. From there she decided to take classes at Metro Community College and at local bakery to learn more and improve her skill. She is also looking to get a job this summer that coincides with the baking field.

    ¨I want to become a pastry chef because it is a fun career and it’s not all repetitive. It keeps you on your toes. There are also so many things you can keep learning such as techniques, new recipes, and creation,¨ Freeman said.

    Freeman’s family has been supportive through her journey in building her culinary skill.

    ¨My family has been super supportive of this by paying for classes at Metro and local bakeries, and getting me new cook books and textbooks from top pastry schools,¨ Freeman said.

    Freeman said that for her it was easy to be patient. She is a self proclaimed perfectionist and knows that if she wants something to come out the way she wants, she has to be patient with her baking.

    ¨I made a cake called ´devil wears chocolate´ and it has chocolate shards that decorate the sides of the cake and it turned out beautifully after spending 8 hours of making it,¨ Freeman said.

    Freeman admits that not everything she makes turns out the way she wanted it to. Even then, she agrees that its ok to fail and not everything will come out as perfectly as intended.

    ¨One time I attempted to make croissants and they completely failed because the yeast did not rise so they just were a mess,¨ Freeman said.

    Although Freema is only a sophomore, she has thought about her future after Elkhorn South. Currently she plans on going to the Metropolitan culinary institution after graduation. She hopes to learn more and continue to build her skill.

    ¨I enjoy watching people eat the things I make and seeing the joy that it brings them,¨ Freeman said.