Commitment to scouting

Seth Fink

Q: Has being a Boy Scout been what you thought it would be? Why?
A: Yes and no, I expected having to be active in the community, I did not expect it to teach me other life lessons in things such as personal finance, world citizenship, and family life.

Q: How have you reached this level and is there a higher level you are trying to achieve?
A: Becoming a Eagle Scout takes years of dedication, only 3% of all Scouts make it to this rank. It is truly a reflection of commitment. There are awards known as “palms” you can get as an Eagle, but you still must be under the age of 18. I opted not to go for these as they are difficult to obtain as a class-loaded senior in high-school, and they are not necessarily a new rank. There is no rank higher than Eagle.

Q: Has being a Boy Scout affected your life in any way? How?
A: Yes, it has taught me a code of life to live in the most beneficial way I can, and it has taught me the true meaning of brotherhood and courage.

Q: What activities are you involved in because of Boy Scouts?
A: The woodworking merit badge led me to take woods as a class, and the rifle shooting merit badge le me to purchasing some rifles for the collector’s value behind them and to practice my marksmanship with something other than a weak .22.




Why did you get into boy Scouts?

A: I joined Boy Scouts as a way to spend time with my friends and learn about the outdoors.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about being a Boy Scout?
A: I twas a big time commitment because I had to attend meetings and go camping several times each year.

Q: Has being a boy Scout affected your life in any ways? How?
A: Yes, I have learned about the importance of helping others in the community.

Q: Is becoming a boy Scout something you would recommend for other people?
A: I would recommend being a Boy Scout because it has been very fun and has taught me lots of useful skills.

Q: Have you traveled to any far places because you were in Boy Scouts?

A: My troop has been on trips to Florida and Arizona.