Destination Disney

Ashley Wyzinski, reporter

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    With spring break right around the corner, islands are not the only place to travel to. Disney World markets itself as the most magical place on earth, but they don’t just mean for children. When you go to the park there are people of all ages, including young adults. The parks have tons of things for teens and adults to do.

     The Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s most famous and popular park. To start, all the rides are entertaining and enjoyable because of the storyline and characters of Disney movies. The best thrill rides are Space, Splash, and Thunder Mountain. Although the rides are not overly intense, they are engaging and most of them are filled with impressive animatronics and special effects. The Park has different lands within it as well. There is Main Street, U.S.A., Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Adventureland. With such a variety, everyone can find something they enjoy.

     The Park with the most appeal to teens and adults is Epcot. The world showcase at Epcot is a combination of nations that feature authentic cultural aspects. There are 11 nations in total as well as an African-themed Outpost. It can take a whole day to get around if you stop to enjoy each country. Each country also offers authentic food and drinks, served by natives of the country. They also have a few rides scattered throughout the showcase, and a few are not based off of Disney movies. Sorin goes around the world on a hang glider while Test Track travels through the creation of a car. Mission Space is a personal favorite of mine. The ride has two levels, green and orange. The green simulation does not move as much and there is no G force. The orange simulator creates real G force that gives participants a more realistic feel of how taking off in a spaceship would actually feel like.

     Animal Kingdom is the most underrated park. The live shows are amazing. They have talented singers and performers who truly make it worthwhile. The main thrill ride at Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest. This ride takes you straight up to the top of a mountain and goes to the very edge before the track moves and the cart starts to go backwards down the hill. For people who like a calmer ride, Kilimanjaro Safari takes riders through an African theme grassland. The truck takes travelers up close to the animals. Just like any other Disney park, the Animal Kingdom has unbelievably good food.

     Last but not least is Disney Hollywood Studios. This park is themed around movies and their production. This park probably has the most intense thrill rides. The two main ones would be Tower of Terror and Rock´n Roller coaster. In the Tower of Terror  tells the story of a haunted hotel that hollywood stars died in. The view from the top is breathless and then it drops 13 stories. My personal favorite would be Rock´n Roller coaster. After a short video from Aerosmith you get strapped into a car that takes you from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. It is great :). The other rides at DHS are also fantastic because they take you straight  into the movies. The rides are interactive and never a bore. They also have performances at DHS that are worth your while. They are put together so beautifully and are entertaining.

     Disney World is somewhere patrons should travel at any age. It is a great vacation and there is tons to do. Also the Disney hotels have nice pools and amenities for the whole family to enjoy. Regular amusement parks come nowhere close to the environment and entertainment that the Disney Parks provide.