FCCLA week

Ashley Wyzinski, reporter

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The students at Elkhorn South celebrated FCCLA week from February 11-15th. The members of FCCLA celebrated everyday by having different activities for the members and finishing up their Valentine’s day project. On monday the members wore their club shirts to start the week off as a united front. They also finished and delivered the Valentines day cards they made to a retirement home. Along with other groups in the area FCCLA colored and added chocolate to over 50 cards within a week for the residence. FCCLA wanted to do something for the community to start off FCCLA week right.

On Tuesday the members were able to get bagels in the morning and during TA. ¨It was a way to say thank you to the members for working hard and dedicating their time to helping the community,¨ FCCLA officer Gabby Mayo said. On both Wednesday and Thursday they had find the rose. The officers of FCCLA printed and hide rose cut outs around the entire school on Tuesday and members have to try and find the rose throughout  the next few school days. If A member finds a rose they can bring it back to the officers and win a prize. The FCCLA officers work hard to use this week to appreciate the members of the club and thank them for their continued dedication to the community and club.

The FCCLA club at Elkhorn South has been working hard this year to better the community. The club has done projects including writing Santa letters back to students, going to read to the grade schoolers, and collecting a variety of goods for different organizations. On top of all the community projects, multiple members competed in the STAR competition. STAR is a competition in which students compete in a variety of categories. The categories can range from child care to food and nutrition. They have to create a presentation and the students have to present their project to a panel of judges. It can take mounts to create and perfect the project. Like other competitions there is many levels to STAR. A student competing has to do well enough in districts to move onto state. If they get a gold in state they can move to nationals. To get to nationals is very difficult.

Although the school year is already half way done FCCLA still has many projects to do. For their next project the students are working with project Harmony. Project Harmony works to create a better life for children. Along with that the FCCLA team will be working on is creating headbands. They will start by collecting old t- shirts. They will then cut the shirts into strips and braid them together to create the head bands. Although projects like this may seem small and ineffective they truly make a difference in the community. If it can cause just one person to smile then it is worth it.

Elkhorn Souths FCCLA is just one of many helping out their community one person at a time. With over 5,000 chapters (FCCLA groups) FCCLA affects the whole nation. Happy FCCLA week.