Escaping reality

Being locked in a room with only 60 minutes to get out... will you survive?

Calli Gregory, Senior Design Editor

When it comes to planning a family outing that everyone can be apart of or trying to figure out the next date idea, an escape room can oftentimes be overlooked. Being locked in a room with only one exit does not necessarily sound like the best of times at first.

After further investigation, it seems that the heavy concentration of escape rooms in the metro area have been established to change the connotation.

Locked Room Omaha is one of the many escape chambers located near Elkhorn, but by far the best. It offers a variety of rooms to choose from. Whether an individual is interested in being a part of a zombie apocalypse or being one of the survivors of the Titanic, Locked Room Omaha provides plenty of options.

The premise behind every escape room is essentially the same: The player(s) get locked in a room for a specified amount of time. In order to escape, the player(s) have to solve a series of puzzles and logical problems. Hints are allowed, but some escape rooms limit the amount.

Though Locked Room Omaha is based off of the same idea, there are a few things that set it apart, making it better than any other escape room out there.

Part of what makes an escape room so much fun is being able to experience the adrenaline and energy rush that comes with making a discovery that could save one’s life. This is left up to the employees… do they want to make it believable, or just another room?

The employees of the Locked Room make the most out of the experience by playing along. From the moment one sets foot into the doorway, their host becomes just another part of the puzzle.

Another thing that helped make the experience so enjoyable was the unlimited amount of hints. For a competitive person, this may not be a benefit… until the time constraint is taken into consideration.

With only an hour on the clock to escape, the hints come in handy. Even when assisting, the hosts maintain a steady character.

Overall, Locked Room Omaha was organized in every aspect. Participants are taken through an instructional video where every expectation and rule is located. The moment they enter the selected room, the scenarios feel real. Sound effects and room accessories help to accentuate the reality of the puzzle. The atmosphere is full of fun energy and just enough adrenaline.

Among all of this, the Locked Room Omaha is located in a relatively close area. Just off of Dodge and 120th, it is also easily accessible.

For anyone looking for a good time filled with significant amount of mystery, an escape room is a good choice. For anyone looking to find a guaranteed good time and great memories, Locked Room Omaha is the place.