Winter woe or chilly charm?

Sarah Shatel, Senior Web Editor

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No matter if the wind chill is 30 below or if white fluff is covering the ground, winter has many different ways of showing off its personality. The months of December to March do have their ups and downs, however, the ice age they bring is somewhat comforting: even with the freezing temperatures.

There is absolutely nothing comparable to waking up in a nice warm bed and looking out the window to see tiny white flakes covering the ground and all the roofs on the neighbors´ houses. Just imagine watching the wind blow the snow back and forth while being cuddled up in a blanket and drinking a hot cup of coffee. There is nothing better.

Yes, walking from your car to the school doors every morning can feel like a long trek in the tundra, however, if you learn how to dress appropriately, the cold won’t bite one bit. It’s amazing how far a pair of gloves and a coat with a hood can go in Nebraska in the middle of December!

People love to moan and groan about the slick roads and dangerous driving, but as long as a person is paying attention, the roads are usually manageable. Snow plow workers don’t get paid to do nothing.

Winter is the most triumphant season because of all the fashion it brings. I had to say it. From leather boots to scarves to layering sweaters and coats, the possibilities are truly endless for outfits in the colder months. I know this isn’t the biggest factor, but let’s all be clear that winter fashion is the best fashion by a mile.

Another huge benefit is the shopping winter brings. The best deals are always around Black Friday or in the weeks before New Years. Buying and receiving gifts at this time of year is one of the best things about winter, especially when those gifts are discounted.

Plus, the cold weather brought about sports that cannot be accomplished without the help of winter. Whether it is ice skating or snowboarding or even bobsledding, all these fun winter sports couldn´t be done without the help of mother nature´s cold side.

No matter what religion, there is a special event coming up for everyone. Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Hanukkah all fall in the winter season and bring some of the most cherished memories of a person’s life. Some of my best memories are decorating my Christmas tree with snow blowing onto the windows and carols playing in the background. That sort of thing can´t happen in summer.

All of those Colorado vacations families go on to ski and sit in hot tubs in 30 degree weather would not be possible without winter. Colorado is known for their mountains, and winter makes them as enjoyable as they are.

Winter also breaks loose all of the holiday decorations in neighborhoods. Driving by and seeing how creative each person got with their lights that year is so entertaining and beautiful to see. There is something so special about colorfully lit houses that really just draws people’s eyes.

Even though tanning and swimming and relaxing from school is nice, the feeling of the cold in the winter beats every ray of sun. The weather is beautiful to look at, the fashion is incredible, and there are so many activities to do in the winter.