5SOS VS. BTS concert

Ashley Wyzinski, reporter

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In the last few years I have gone to a 5 Seconds of Summer and a BTS concert. After attending the BTS concert I noticed that there was a lot of differences between the two concerts. To start, the 5SOS concert was in Omaha whilst the BTS concert was in Chicago. It was nice that 5SOS came to Omaha and smaller cities because I did not have to miss school or pay for a hotel room like I did for the BTS concert. One of the first thing I noticed when I got to the concerts was the lines to get in. The 5SOS concert entrance had a long wait in a huge line that moved slowly, while at the BTS concert I only had one person in front of me for security and I had no wait to buy my light stick for the concert. I found this interesting because there were more people in attendance at the BTS concert. Another thing I noticed was how long it took them to start the concert. The 5SOS concert started over an hour late whilst BTS started only a few minutes late. After both groups came out they introduced themselves. 5SOS did a basic, ‘Hi guys! How are you doing tonight?’ where as BTS tried to make theirs sound more personal and thankful that we came to their concert. I thought that the BTS concert was much better than the 5SOS concert because BTS performance lasted around 2 hours. On the other hand, 5SOS had 2 other groups open for them which took about half the time of the concert along with long breaks between each group. Although, I do have to give props to both groups because they both sang a combination of new and old songs that the fans wanted to hear. One thing that especially stood out at the BTS concert was that each member of BTS performed a solo stage. They created a dynamic for their concert by having a variety of different styles of music and in their performances. The performers movements also set BTS above 5SOS. 5SOS moved around a little but mostly just sang their songs one after another with little variation and they seemed to not be enjoying themselves. Another plus was that BTS only took one short break that was less than a half hour to change and take a breather because they danced to all of their songs while still singing and rapping. 5SOS left the stage for about an hour break. They might have been overheated because of the lights and playing but did they really need to leave the stage for that long. The whole crowd screamed at the top of their lungs for the whole time 5SOS were gone. I went to the concert to hear them play not to hear people scream for an hour. On top of that when the concert did end 5SOS said the same generic thing they said at all their concerts and left, it was impersonal and it seemed like just another task for them. BTS had spent time learning some English and shared genuine thoughts about the concert. It felt nice that they did not act like they were superior. As we were leaving the 5SOS concert  it felt like I was being mobbed. People were pushing to get to the parking lot and they did not pay attention to their surroundings. When we left the BTS concert people were being courteous and trying not to push each other. The 5SOS concert felt like a routine performance. When you go to a concert you want it to feel brand new and that the artist is enjoying it too. I sat much further away from the stage for the BTS concert but I could feel more of their energy and enjoyment then when I was close to the stage at the 5SOS concert. One last thing I have to say is that BTS has worked hard to create such a stage presence and performance. During Jimin from BTS solo performance I was so enamored by his dancing and performance that I didn’t even realize that I stopped moving my light stick. I didn’t even get close to that connection at the 5SOS concert. I am not writing this to cause drama or bash on 5SOS. I am just sharing the differences I noticed between the two performances. I was genuinely a fan of 5SOS when I went to their concert.