Topic and tone lend to the newest Billie Eilish masterpiece

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Billie Eilish recently released the song “When the party’s over” and it is a masterpiece that will remain enjoyed by anyone who listens to it.

The song opens to a hum with Eilish singing in almost a whisper about a romance that is bound to hurt the parties involved. She is heard singing, “Don’t you know I’m no good for you?/ I’ve learned to lose; you can’t afford to,” with her usual airy voice heard in many of her songs while harmonizing with the voices in the background.

She touches on the topic of an ill fated romance that many people can relate to if they have had their first heartbreak already. This is similar to the song “idontwanttobeyouanymore” because as an artist she touches on deep topics like self image and romance that many teens can relate to along with many adults who have been a young age before. She is a sixteen year old girl covering topics many can understand like in this song. This can be seen in other artists like Khalid who touches these subjects including in the song they did together, “Lovely.” This makes the song relatable to a large audience, and can be described as a masterpiece touching the surface of issues teenagers deal with in many cases.

Throughout the song, the tone of the song gets continually more mournful. Including lines like “Don’t you know too much already?/I’ll only hurt you if you let me, “ and “Call me friend but keep me closer/ and I’ll call you when the party’s over.” Which are obviously showing the struggle of letting go of a relationship even when it is harmful to the other person. It is the singer showing her experience in trying to keep a distance with a lover. This puts the listener in the shoes of the character she is putting on and makes them feel what she is going through.

Along with the tone and lyrics, we get the voice that many love from Billie Eilish. Her unique voice is an airy and soft voice yet so powerful with the way she is singing along with the music in the background. It is a song that can be compared to “Ocean Eyes” with the harmonizing and beat of the voice and singing matching. The harmony throughout the song makes it an unforgettable piece of art and one of her best songs.

Every single second of the song has incorporated so many things that make it the amazing piece of art it truly is. With the touching of deep topics, the tone and lyrics of the song, and the voice Billie uses to sing her songs, there is no doubt that if people have enjoyed past songs they will like the masterpiece that is “when the party’s over.” I would recommend taking a few extra minutes to go and listen to the song then download it right away.