Purpose of the power

It’s an important time of year for students to be involved. There are so many different learning opportunities from our readily available resource: the school board

Calli Gregory, Senior Design Editor

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As election time rolls in, it is finally time to buckle down and learn the facts. Though a good majority of the political advertisements pertain to some form of state government, there are much smaller voting processes going on locally, within the district. Driving through Elkhorn neighborhoods, signs are often seen promoting candidates, such as ‘Re-elect Amy Parks’ or ‘Regan Rosenburg for School Board’.

The Elkhorn Board of Education is preparing their nominees for this challenging time of year. Much like government officials, individuals running for the board spend a large chunk of time advertising and making their presence known to the general public, including the teens within the community.

With the good majority of school-aged students being under 18, many high schoolers are feel unaffected. This phenomena has raised a question: What exactly is the school board, and why should you care?

The school board is an oversight board,” said previous board member, Amy Parks. Being a board member, Parks has been able to see the advancement in the district.

“As a board we consistently review written policy to ensure it is relevant to our district and adheres to state laws,” Parks said.

Being the backbone of the school district, it is hard to believe that students could be involved, however, the school board is not limited to just adults. Students are able to come to board meetings, which are open to the public, and share any concerns they have.

Student involvement is a major way of ensuring some preparation for the future. “We want to know that students are not only enjoying and learning while they are in school, but that once they leave, they are successful,” candidate Regan Rosenburg said.

Rosenburg, a new nominee for this year’s board and a prior school psychologist, has gotten to experience living life from the outside, seeing the changes that have taken place. Having found a joy in bettering the life of adults and children alike, she’s watched the involvement of the board within the community grow.

Students can take some part in the board simply by joining a club. If students are striving to go above and beyond, running and being elected for Student Council is a great way to stay in the know.

At the monthly meetings hosted by the board, members of Student council can be seen taking notes and sharing concerns.  High school students may be too young to vote, but there is always a difference that can be made, no matter the age.

“I love being able to see the big picture–it is very rewarding to see the direction the district is going, to see students continue to achieve beyond the averages, and to watch as we continue to build a tight knit community in Elkhorn,” Parks said.