Black Ops 4: is it worth it?

Black Ops 4: is it worth it?

Nathan Blusys, Junior Reporter

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has come to a booming start in less than a weeks time making 500 million dollars. BO4 began as a longshot for the call of duty franchise and it is already beginning to pull through for treyarch. The high octane gameplay multiplayer puts you and 4 teammates head to head against the enemy team, with the small maps and the strategic gameplay, the new multiplayer is a replayable game mode that never really failed to impress me.

Zombies was debatably the most anticipated game mode due to the remastering of mob of the dead which became blood of the dead in Black Ops 4. The new zombies maps are the most replayable and fun in the franchise. This is undoubtedly because it is fresh and extremely fun to squad up with your friends and survive as long as possible.

The newest mode to Black Ops 4 is most definitely the one with the most potential: it is the blackout battle royale mode. In this game mode, you are put in an arena with a whole bunch of other maps from previous Call of Duty games to fight to the death against 100 other players. It has been just recently developed and for sure needs some polishing. This is due to the choppy gun mechanics for a battle royale and minor glitches.

Before I sat down to play this game at the 11 o’clock release time I made sure I was it the right mindset to be unbiased because I have loved many Call of Duty games with a passion including MW2, BO1, and BO2 . After reaching prestige in multiplayer and zombies and winning a few games of blackout I can promise that this is one of the most innovative Call of Dutys since BO2.

Overall I give the game a 9.5/10 and with some future polishing, it will obtain a perfect score.