Grandma Ann

I never imagined a life without my grandma in it. It was always a given that she’d be there supporting me at every halftime show, every ceremony, and every birthday. While the person I loved so dearly may be gone, the angelic comfort of my memories with her never will be.

The classic Monday routine. Every Monday in elementary school my grandma would pick me up from school and get me ready for a full night of dance. She would lather my hair up in argon oil, then would start to twist and wrap my chestnut colored hair into a perfect little ballerina bun.  Nothing about this memory was too flashy or too eventful, yet the simplicity in this moment of comfort guards this memory of mine.

The classic Saturday routine. Most of my Saturday mornings, when the seasons got brighter, were filled with the smell of freshly cut grass and herbal tea. I would drag around my grandparents’ ancient lawn mower in an attempt to out mow any of their neighbors.

 While my ego would grow through my viscous mowing, my soul would always recenter itself afterwards through my peaceful tea time with my grandma. We would sit out on her back patio and spend the rest of the morning catching up and admiring her yard. The birds would be chattering a song to us while the flowers nourished us with their passionate scents. Every petal on each flower meant so much. Every creature lurking around her yard meant so much. Every second of my time I spent with her meant so much. It was the simple things she appreciated most. I would move on from this part of my day with a refreshed attitude and mindset. A mindset detecting the pure delight of every given moment. 

The classic nightly routine. Every night I bundle my baby blanket up in just the right manner to grasp at night. This very special object was crafted by my mom and grandma when I was a tiny tot. It’s nothing outrageous, yet it means so much to me. The simplicity in its design. The comfort in its smell. The love surrounded by the remarkable people who made it. All reasons that represent my grandma and what she has taught me.

My classic day to day routine. My daily life is surrounded by schedules and deadlines, yet the manner my grandma always encouraged has reflected onto me. I take more moments to pause. I take more moments to enjoy the bliss of a memory. I take more moments to appreciate my surroundings. While the pain of my loss has begun to slowly heal, the imprint of my grandma’s angelic simplicity has popped through every aspect of my own life.