Letter to One Hell of a High School


Dear Students of Elkhorn South,


Wouldn’t you say our time in high school has been beyond compare? Whenever my parents talk about their experiences in high school they all seem like the typical teenage years. However, I often find myself thinking back on these past few years, baffled by my experiences to the point they don’t even seem to be real life. 


Whether it’s the football games or Tony’s warm smile, there will be plenty of traditional high school moments I’ll hold close to my heart for a very long time.  Like come on, with my  fellow junior classmates barking and treating the student section as a bullfighting ring, how could I ever look past that? Or even the sporadic pre-Covid fight song Fridays  teaching the freshman battlecry will forever be a favorite.


Although all of the positive memories have developed us into young adults, there’s no denying of the straight up weird and catastrophic events that have occured in our high school lives. For starters there’s the obvious, Covid. It’ s just weird to think that at one point our version of normal was wearing masks everyday, and staying home if you had the slightest sore throat. But considering that has consumed much of our time here, I don’ t plan on expanding further.  


Then there was the random bomb threat that occurred one odd day in the spring of my sophomre year. What the heck was that?  The teachers would stand by all of the entrance doors not letting anyone leave or enter, while I sat on the track watching from a distance eating my lunch like a normal day. Imagine if that threat was a real one, talk about a near miss. Whenever I think of that day it just feels like a fever dream, but whatever, at least those threats weren’t real.


Of course then there was the devious licks, where students found it peak comedy to steal school owned items. Not the desirable items, the bathroom soap dispensers have never been seen more valuable till these devious licks. However very funny at the time, it’s weird looking back on.


These being very few of the most memorable moments  have had a lasting impact on all of us. Covid has definitely changed our ways of life and has made people appreciate their time together more. Then the devious licks… I don’t really know what good came out of that.  From the good to the bad times, no matter what memories we’ve made here at Elkhorn South, it’s safe to say they’re made to last.



Your fellow classmate